Due Diligence

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Before choosing a security company, perform your due diligence!

What you should know.

Perform Due Diligence
Choose a security company. How to...

Due Diligence!

First of all, perform your due diligence on any security company you plan to do business with? Ensure they have long term employees who as a result, have had thorough background checks performed by local Police agencies. This is especially relevant to “security” since these are the people and the companies you’ll trust with the Alarm and CCTV protection for your home, or your place of business! Vet the company and the product lines they have partnered with. While doing so, check to see how they have handled any prior issues or complaints? Noteworthy trade certifications are almost always a good indicator of a qualified company. Check their references and always be thorough!

Technical Merits!

When choosing a security company, it is relevant to weigh the technical merit of the staff. Most noteworthy, ask about the individual training for each installer! Do the staff have the required skill sets to service a broad variety of systems types? Does the company have standardized training policies in place? A common issue found today is the training provided to some employees, or sometimes the lack of. For this reason, many companies now outsource certain services where their staff may fall short? Consequently, you must ensure the company you’re hiring has all the right people! At Union Alarm, we service what we sell and outsource nothing!

Business Identification?

Importantly, check to see if they have proper credentials. Equally, do they dispatch corporate service vehicles? Are they clearly identified and marked with corporate branding? Are the employees and technicians dressed in proper business attire? Do they each have valid Alarm Agent Licenses issued within the cities they operate within? Some companies may have a flashy websites but hire nothing more than sub contractors to complete the installation or cabling. Union Alarm employs only experienced technicians. Each technician is a full time employee with background checks and vetting by local police agencies. They arrive in clearly marked Union Alarm service trucks and each have proper credentials.

Better Business Bureau!

Check the companies history with the better business bureau. Furthermore, ensure they have dealt with any open complaints or have a clear history. Any company being considered should have a reputation that is clearly transparent. It’s not enough today to look at the Internet and read a few responses through a website link as many are padded with fictitious reviews. Look into the company ownership, ask to talk with senior people and gauge their experience, friendliness, and their complete offering.

Graeme Browne, CPL, CJL
Union Alarm Company Ltd.