Where's the catch?

Free Security Systems? Beware this particular gimmick…

What you should know.

Free Alarm System Gimmick
Beware the alarm gimmicks

Higher monitoring costs! Beware!

We have all seen alarm companies offering free security systems or gimmicks with free installation. Well there is one thing in life that is certain. That is to know that “nothing in this world is free”. Did you know many systems advertised as free are back end loaded with hidden costs for additional equipment? Many include higher monthly monitoring fees built into the contract to offset the equipment costs. In fact, I’ve seen monthly costs that climb to staggering charges of $80 a month. All that for the additional equipment chosen by unsuspecting buyers and home owners.

Adding extra alarm devices!

Many packages include the base system as free, all while higher costs apply to the extra devices needed to complete a functioning alarm system. Devices such as motion detectors, heat detectors, and other staple items like wireless key fobs. If you then consider c/o detectors, heat detectors or other hardware,  quite often you will be well upside down in costs. With that said, be very aware of these marketing traps! There’s no need to pay higher costs for additional devices.

Free security systems. Vivint is stacking up complaints!

CBC news reports a Vivint door to door sales rep of verbal abuse in one particular case. Furthermore, the article goes on to say, “The Better Business Bureau of Canada has given Vivint a D rating, and has listed dozens of negative reviews related to customer service, billing and the product itself”.

Graeme Browne, CPL, CJL
Union Alarm Company Ltd.