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Integrated Security Systems

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Integrated Security Systems
Integrated Security Systems

Integrated Security Systems (what are they?)

Great question for anyone looking to secure a business or corporate office. Uniquely, security integration is a commercial service provided by an expert security company. Equally important, the company installing integrated security systems must appoint senior level technicians to perform the service. In doing so, they first start with the installation of an enterprise class alarm system to protect the premises. In doing so, the security technician installs and programs software to allow specific controls of the alarm system.

Next, the security technicians begin the installation of a card access system. This controls access to specific doors within the site. By using proximity card readers and electrified door hardware, we electronically control access through the building’s doors. Finally, we program credentials such as proximity cards (or key fobs) to permit controlled access through the site. Together with alarm protection, this allows the buildings owner to control who can enter the building, and when.

Software Controls

Further to the mechanical operation of the system, enterprise software provides control of the door schedules themselves. It controls the date and times in which a person can use their credentials to access the site. It can also manage the alarm permissions of the site, and this is where the magic really happens! In summary, card holders can now use an integrated card reader to not only enter the building, but also to arm or disarm the alarm system right at the exterior keypad.

Consequently, this eliminates the need for anyone needing to run to the alarm keypad to disarm the alarm system. Likewise, the last person leaving the site simply exits the building, presents their access card/fob and secures the site with a simple swipe. Additionally, this function will command the system to lock any open doors, and arm the alarm system at the same time. Finally, enterprise software records an audit of each and every event. This provides full accountability of each persons entry to the site.

Video Integration

To further integrate the modern security system, systems now incorporate surveillance and analytics. With card access points or alarm protection of perimeter doors, we program network video recorders to record upon specific events. Cameras then record activity within each secured area. In addition, the software allows remote viewing of each recorded event. Very strong features that support the audit trail of the card access system and alarm platform!

Finally, a guard station can monitor the CCTV system through a guard’s desk with multiple security displays visible to security staff. In summary, a fully integrated security system can combine all of the features needed to secure a facility using enterprise class products. Union Alarm is proud to offer each of these services and products. We specialize with integrated security systems and pride ourselves at being experts in the field. With an integrated system installed, we then monitor your systems through our ULC listed monitoring center. Certificates are available for those who require a ULC rated system or installation.

Union Alarm Company is a proud partner with GE Interlogix. Manufacturers of world class security solutions!

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