Covid-19 Policy

Please know that Union Alarm is considered an essential service company with regards to security systems and alarm monitoring of critical infrastructure. We are actively engaged while servicing commercial customers and existing accounts throughout the current Covid-19 Pandemic. At this time, we have halted all installations and service of residential home security systems.

While our office is currently closed to the public, we are busy working in the field with commercial services and the installation of business security systems, while also working to keep vital communications intact.

Understandably, our technicians are doing their part to keep safe and our company policy includes the following rules of engagement with respect to our client’s offices, their staff, and commercial job sites;

  • All employees at Union Alarm have been Double Vaccinated to protect against the spread of the Covid Virus and known variants.
  • Each Union Alarm Employee has been issued a Covid-19 Company Policy & Procedures Plan which expresses our responsibilities during the Pandemic.
  • This further includes a daily assessment – health checklist to ensure our field technicians are symptom-free of Covid-19 and ensures they are taking precautionary measures to protect themselves and that of the health of our clients!

In addition, our company policy includes stringent standards for workplace health and safety including;

  • Avoidance of anyone showing signs of Covid-19 including symptoms of coughing, sneezing, or anyone showing signs of illness or fever.
  • Scheduled handwashing procedures with regular sanitizing of work areas, corporate vehicles, tools, and equipment. (includes customer hardware)
  • Sanitization of all alarm keypads, keyboards, telephones, and computer equipment before and after use while working on customer job sites.
  • Physical Distancing of 12 feet whenever possible between co-workers, customers, and managers during the course of our daily work.
  • Use of facial masks and PPE such as protective eyewear when required on customer job sites or within confined spaces.
  • Avoidance of face to face meetings in the course of our day, and to perform training and software programming at a safe distance from co-workers and customers. When applicable, telephone or video conferencing to be arranged for system training and support.

Understandably, this makes for an unusual situation when it comes to alarm programming and end-user training of security systems and software, but we must exercise minimal safe distances to ensure the safety of all employees and our customers during the course of our work.

We invite any concerns you may have when working with our team during these unprecedented times. We are taking the required steps to protect ourselves and expect everyone around us to be doing the same. Thank you for your co-operation in these matters.

Union Alarm | Calgary