Tips – How to secure Business Offices

First, understand that an electronic alarm system not only protects the companies’ assets but also serves to protect the building, and its offices. Consider using an intrusion platform developed specifically for business use. The alarm system should have the ability to program multiple partitions and separate the areas within a building. Importantly, this allows you to secure and monitor each individual area including administration offices, lab areas, server rooms, production facilities, and warehouse space. It also ensures you can easily arm/disarm the areas individually.

Start by securing the perimeter of the space with alarm contacts to monitor the opening of external doors. Then, add glass break sensors to protect vulnerable offices, and motion detectors to further protect important corridors. Also, add alarm keypads to the front and rear of the building if using multiple entrance doors? If your building has a fire alarm system, assign a separate partition for ULC fire alarm monitoring. This will save you thousands of dollars by monitoring all partitions under one commercial system and negates the need to have a separate fire alarm panel.

Next, consider the addition of an electronic entrance door. By adding card access control, your security system will then add the capability of staff entering and leaving the building using electronic key cards. This further simplifies operations with electronic arming and disarming of the alarm using access cards, key fobs, or blue tooth credentials. It also eliminates the need for keys to be issued or the costs of having locks changed. Finally, you have the option of using software or cloud-based programming to administrate users and performing an audit trail.

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