CCTV Camera Systems

Businesses in Calgary trust Union Alarm for CCTV Cameras, Video Surveillance Systems and professional installations. Furthermore, our customers know that we use only Name Brand Products they can trust! In fact, we service and install IP Cameras & Digital Video Recorders from the worlds best CCTV companies. Companies that include Bosch, GE Interlogix, Axis, Avigilon and HIK Vision to name a few. Union Alarm’s team has over 30 years experience installing video surveillance systems. We install camera systems including Joystick Controllers, Video Monitor Walls, VMS Systems, Analytics, and Racks full of Network Video Recorders. Complete surveillance systems further include associated camera mounts, POE network switches, and professional installation with cabling & hardware. With IP cameras and surveillance systems being a very large part of our business, we take CCTV camera installations seriously. In fact, it’s the main reason so many companies have come to trust Union Alarm.


CCTV Camera Systems

TruVision TVD-5408 Intelligent Dome Camera

IP Dome Cameras

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Video Surveillance

Union Alarm secures hundreds of companies with Video Surveillance in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. We also service the Lethbridge & Medicine Hat regions.

Introduction: CCTV Cameras

With older analog cameras now being outpaced 8 to 1 with IP Cameras and Digital Video Recorders, there is a lot of information to digest. Not only is there a lot of surveillance systems & manufactured brands to choose from, but there are a lot of factors that determine what makes a good quality camera, and a poor one. Lets start with a brief review of electronics. Brand Name manufacturers produce high quality chip-sets, premium processors, internal power supplies and better lens construction. Various price points surround these product lines, and there are bargains to be found in many of them. Consequently, the lesser quality import cameras are often made in sub standard offshore factories where many use non current chip sets, inferior power supplies, and have poorly constructed lenses. This will lead to early failure and a short life expectancy. Take the low grade Costco Camera System for example, another offshore system with a very short life expectancy. Worse yet, it uses a proprietary cable system which is a very poor choice.

Quality: CCTV Cameras

Here’s one of our go-to product lines with high quality CCTV Cameras and Digital Video Recorders. Firstly, the TruVision lineup from Interlogix has dozens of cameras to choose from. Secondly, their CCTV Systems have varying price points for high definition cameras. Interlogix also provides economical kits bundled for homeowners and small business who want a do it yourself style kit. Furthermore, they include mid grade solutions as well as robust commercial grade systems!

Remember: Quality Products Last

If you plan to invest your hard earned money in a Video Surveillance System, splurge a little and purchase a system that will last 6-8 years. Although it may cost a few hundred dollars more up front, brand name products will typically outlast the offshore imports by a 3 to 1 lifespan. With that said, you can expect many offshore cameras to fail 3x quicker than a quality made product. A cost that many people fail to see until after the fact! The same can be said for Digital Video Recorders where brand name systems outlast the life expectancy of cheaper DVR’s. Again, this is due to offshore products relying on inferior components used in their construction. The bottom line here…you get what you pay for. Don’t simply think because the box and packaging is pretty…that it’s a good product. Trust in professional installations and invest in name brand solutions. Professional products will do what they’re intended to do…produce high quality video surveillance and recordings, and they will last.


IP Cameras

Union Alarm stocks a complete line of high definition IP Cameras. Consequently, this includes everything from the smaller Series 3 Dome Cameras producing 2MPx to 4MPx image size, to economical IR Bullet Cameras and WiFi series Wedge Cameras. In fact, we carry the complete line of CCTV Cameras from TruVision & Interlogix. For businesses and commercial customers requiring professional surveillance solutions, we recommend the Series 4 Dome Cameras with 5 MegaPixel imaging using the latest H.265 compression. Furthermore, we also carry the TruVision IP IR PTZ Camera lineup for companies who require Pan, Tilt Zoom features with programmed guard tours. Finally, we install IP Joysticks, CCTV Mounts, and the Accessories you’ll need to control your new security cameras. All of this and more from Calgary’s leading Security Integrator.


In addition to CCTV Cameras, Union Alarm offers a full line of CCTV Camera Kits with Digital Video Recorders & Network Video Recorders. Consequently, these prepackaged kits include 4, 8, or 16 channel units with bundled IP Cameras. Kits include Dome Cameras, Wedge Cameras, or Bullet Cameras. A complete “all-in-one” IP Video Solution with high definition imaging. Furthermore, kits include built in POE Switches, and full Plug & Play configuration. Also, the recording units can be programmed to record when triggered by an alarm system, or when a card access door is opened. This provides important evidence for alarm events and door entries. Fully featured High Definition Performance, at the lowest prices in Calgary. Call us to learn more.

Intelligent IP Cameras

TruVision TVD-5408 Intelligent Dome Camera

TruVision TVD-5408 Intelligent Dome

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TruVision IP Cameras

Order high resolution CCTV Cameras from Union Alarm in Calgary. We carry all types of Security Cameras.


Card Access Software

TruVision Navigator 8 Software

TruVision Software

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Video Management Software

TruVision® Navigator v8 Software

Interlogix Navigator 8 brings together TruVision Video, TruPortal Access Control, UltraSync intrusion, and IFS® network switches are brought into one centralized interface. The system delivers powerful software capabilities and allows users to manage their TruVision-based video surveillance systems while the advanced features provide integration with other Interlogix security platforms. TruVision Navigator 8 is a 64-bit application with GPU support offering high performance features and programming. The application is fully scale-able solution that is used as a standalone application, or deployed in a server/client environment. This software is free of charge to Interlogix users!

TruVision TVRMobile 3.0 App

TruVision® TVRMobile allows you to monitor and interact with TruVision video surveillance systems from virtually anywhere in the world. Users can view up to 16 channels of live video or playback one single video channel. In fact, it can record video directly to your mobile device. Also, it provides intuitive features and controls such as Pan Tilt Zoom camera control, snapshots, and favorites to access video quick and easy.


TruVision NVR 71

The Interlogix® TruVision® NVR 71 is a high performance Network Video Recorder that supports up to 576 Mbps of incoming camera bandwidth, or up to 128 IP camera channels. Also designed to accommodate large amounts of data, the NVR 71 is equipped with up to 96TB of embedded storage in a RAID or non-RAID configuration. Union Alarm has deployed a number of these high performance NVR units, and we recommend this platform for larger installations having over 32 IP cameras. A very powerful NVR platform for Enterprise Surveillance Systems.

TruVision NVR 22 Plus

The TruVision® NVR 22Plus from Interlogix is a full featured network video recorder. Furthermore, it’s designed to support video streams from IP cameras and encoders. With a total of 256/320 Mbps (16 or 32 channels) of incoming bandwidth, the TVN 22P can support up to 32 high definition cameras in real-time. Flexible bandwidth allows users to maximize recording performance and duration. In addition to browser, software and mobile device management tools, the familiar front panel controls allow for easy operation.

Photo ID Access Cards

TruVision TVN 22 Series NVR

TruVision NVR

TruVision NVR
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