Card Access Control

Security Integration

Many ask, what is security integration? In it’s simplest form, integration is the combination of two or more electronic security platforms installed together and programmed to work together through enterprise software. Consequently, it’s something we happen to be really good at too! Ask us about the latest products.

In addition, we can take it to the next level by integrating a third component such as security cameras. By integrating surveillance cameras and digital video recorders into the mix, you can have the systems tied together to record or playback video upon activation of alarms or card access points. We’re considered experts with integrated security systems.

Card Access Control

Businesses today need card access systems to control employee access throughout the workplace. Does your company require Proximity Card Readers, Electronic Keypads or Electrified Door Hardware to control entrance points? Perhaps limiting keys with the issuance of Proximity Cards and Fobs to your staff? For that reason, Union Alarm is heavily involved with Card Access Control Systems.

Furthermore, we specialize in modern card access systems for businesses and commercial clientele. As a result, we control more than just entrance doors. Our systems secure elevator access, public corridors, internal office space and access to shop floors. Even more, our Verex Family of products further integrate the card access system with our enterprise alarm systems! Using Director Software, you can now control card entrances, elevators and alarm systems with one unified system.

Alarm Integration

A Proximity Card Reader can also be equipped with an integrated keypad to add rich new features including remote arming or disarming of the alarm system. This allows staff to enter the building without the need to run over to the alarm keypad. Consequently, they can also arm the system from the card reader by swiping their card when leaving the building. Want even more security? Add dual layer protection by adding card plus PIN features after normal business hours! Now how convenient is that? With competitive pricing and innovative products, Union Alarm provides solutions for all types of business.

Our systems can function as a stand along IP enabled entry door, or expand to include hundreds of card entry doors. At Union Alarm, we further employ our own licensed locksmiths. As a result, there is no need to hire a separate locksmith company to install the electric strikes or mag locks for your system.

We do it all…and we do it right! 

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