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First, we are proud to recommend TruVision Security Cameras to our clientele. With analog, digital over coax and high definition IP streaming security cameras, we have a product for every application, and a price point to suit every budget. Call Union Alarm and ask to speak with a CCTV Expert!

Not only that, we have a style of camera and a fit for every application. From bullet cameras with infra-red illumination, to dome cameras and PTZ controlled units. Our cameras record high resolution images in high contrast or low light situations. Call for a demonstration!

High Definition CCTV Cameras

Are you looking for High Definition IP Security Cameras at the lowest possible prices in Canada? Do you need CCTV Cameras that are mobile friendly and link to your smart phone, tablet or PC? Then call the CCTV “experts” at Union Alarm. First, we specialize in CCTV Cameras, Surveillance Systems and Digital Video Recorders. In fact, we do so while having the best prices in Calgary. Secondly, our CCTV systems are designed to capture high definition video using the latest in IP Camera technology and streaming video. Next, we only carry name brand surveillance systems designed for home and business use!

IP Cameras

Furthermore, we stock a full line of TruVision IP Dome Cameras, Bullet Cameras and Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras and more. By using CCTV systems with motion activated grids; our systems capture live video and record it direct to a PC hard drive. To operate in extreme temperatures, our IP cameras and housings are both rugged and durable. As result, these CCTV cameras include IP66 weatherproof ratings. Finally, we also carry IP cameras with IK10 vandal proof ratings that stand up to physical abuse or attacks.

Union Alarm further offers a full line of specialty mounts to adapt our installations to any type of commercial setting. In addition, our CCTV cameras use infrared lighting so night vision or low lighting is not of  concern. As result, our CCTV systems record and play back clean, clear and concise video in any environment or challenging lighting condition. Check out the products we recommend for you at GE TruVision.

Trust the CCTV Experts at Union Alarm. We are true professionals in video surveillance.

Privacy Act Notice:

Notably, when you consider placement or use of CCTV Cameras in public areas, you should first read these guidelines concerning the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act. Consequently, this guide to using surveillance cameras in public areas will help you to understand the use of surveillance systems in Alberta.