DVR Network Video Recorders

Digital Video Recorders

Using TruVision Navigator, our Digital Video Recorders allow you to record analog or IP cameras to a hybrid recording platform. Navigator software allows you to control and program the recording schedules while remote playback is viewed over your existing network. Furthermore, you can connect from anywhere using the TVR mobile app for smart phones and tablets.

Feature-rich network video recorders (NVR’s) offer reliable, real-time recording and user-friendly operation for effective video capture, storage and retrieval. High performance solutions allowing up to 576 Mbps of incoming camera bandwidth and connections of up to 128 IP cameras. A truly robust platform with a wide variety of available options. Call to learn more!

DVR Network Video Recorders

So you’re looking to record High Definition Video onto a network video recorder at the best possible price? Do you need a recording platform that can handle 8, 16 or 32 channels of video? How about expanded storage drives for long term storage of recorded video? Then Union Alarm has the digital recording unit for you. We specialize in high quality Digital Video Recorders at the best prices in Calgary.

Systems designed to capture high definition video using the latest compression and capture technologies. A truly modern surveillance system designed for your home or your business use! We stock a full line of DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders) and NVR units (Network Video Recorder). Using systems with motion activated grids; our systems capture live video from Analog or IP cameras and record it direct to a PC hard drive.

Our recording platforms are both rugged and durable. As result, our DVR’s include Hybrid models capable of recording existing analog cameras together with IP Camera platforms. We further carry Networked Video Recorders capable of connecting up to 128 IP Cameras with high bandwidths available. Union Alarm offers a full line of rack mount or desktop units that install into any application.

They record valuable information when you need it, and we make it available over your network.  As result, our CCTV systems record and play back clean, clear and concise video that transmits files to your tablet or phones anywhere in the world. In addition, we carry IFS Network Switches and UPS power supplies to protect new investments from grid strikes and power surges. Check out the products we recommend for you at GE TruVision.

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