Medeco High Security Locks

Medeco Deadbolt Locks

Hands down, Medeco manufactures one of the best deadbolts known today. The strongest bolt available, the best physical lock on the market, and the highest degree of cylinder protection in the world.

Secure you home or business with Medeco High Security Locks from Union Alarm. We employ two ALOA certified master locksmiths, and the only lock we recommend is from Medeco.

Medeco High Security Locks

Security is important, and now is the time to secure your home or business with Medeco High Security Locks. Of relevant interest, I was surfing the web recently and came across a site with a video instructing viewers on lock picking techniques. It gave all the right instruction for the proper use of a pick gun. Subsequently, a second video showed how to use rake picks and tension bars.

Being a Certified Professional Locksmith of 30+ years, I found this alarming! It contravenes everything taught about keeping this information both confidential and private. As alarming as it is, I also found a host of online stores that were also selling pick tools. Consequently, this puts the tools of the trade directly into the hands of would be thieves. Furthermore, it teaches a thief everything they want to know about picking locks.

Alarmingly, these videos include the correct methods for break & entry! With that said, it now makes it ever so important to secure your doors with Pick Resistant Locks. There are many to choose from, but I will personally tell you that Medeco High Security Locks are the best! A pioneer security company since the 1960’s, Medeco was one of the first manufactured. In fact, Medeco now manufactures a high security lock cylinder for virtually every application known to man.

It is the lock of choice when it comes to securing homes, businesses and industrial sites! Medeco locks are drill and pick resistant. Furthermore, they are the strongest locks made today. Their high security keys are restricted through licensed locksmiths only. Proper credentials are required in order to have duplicate keys cut, and only through a licensed Medeco locksmith.

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