Residential Alarm System

UltrSync Smart Homes

Looking to protect your home with state of the art protection? Then look no further than UltrSync from Interlogix. Manage your home security, door security, lighting and thermostats straight from your smart phone or tablet.

Union Alarm is proud to partner with products from Interlogix. We carry hard wired and wireless solution including Simon XTi, Networx, and UltrSync. The latest in home security and automation, Call us today and arrange for a product demonstration.

Residential Alarm System

Do you need a Residential Alarm System, Wireless Alarm, or Alarm Monitoring to protect your home and property? A home security system that assures safety for your family and protection of your home? How about a system for the protection of life using smoke detectors, CO detection or medical distress pendants? Then we feel you’ve come to the right place, and we’d be proud to have you as a valued residential client at Union Alarm.

Firstly, a Residential Alarm System includes platforms specific to your residential concerns and home security. In fact, they are common in most new households today! Systems from Union Alarm incorporate the latest security features including newer technologies like LCD touch screens. Combining the latest device hardware further protects your home and your life safety. Both of which are paramount for our clientele.

Next, today’s wireless systems can also be programmed and controlled by popular voice actuated systems such as Amazon’s Alexa, or Google Home. This allows you to arm or disarm your alarm system through speech commands rather than using a keypad. You can also use your smart phone or tablet to control the system!

Next generation alarm systems are designed to be simple to operate, and easy for anyone to use. Even the kids will be able to arm and disarm the alarm system without having to remember codes or a user ID. Above all, a new alarm system will keep your family and your home safe!

Protect your home today with a modern system from Union Alarm. We have the best prices in Calgary!

Monitoring – Home Security

Finally, you’ll need monitoring for your new security system, or service to an existing system in your new home? Union Alarm has you covered there too! We monitor your security system in our “state of the art” monitoring facilities. A full 24 hours a day! Even more, we can monitor your alarm system using high security backup devices for added protection against line cuts.

Call Union Alarm today and get the Union Advantage!

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