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Choosing a Home Alarm System

When you need a modern home alarm system, seek advice from the pros at Union Alarm. Having more than 30 years of experience, we will recommend the best home alarm system for your residence. In addition, we will help you to choose new products from Ajax Systems or DSC Alarms in Canada. Furthermore, know that we have the best prices for a home alarm system in Calgary.

  • Also, our technicians can provide network IP cameras and recording solutions to help protect your home.
  • Need an advanced installation? We can install your home alarm system using new wireless technologies from Ajax.
  • Next, know that we promote trusted products from, HIK Vision, DSC Alarms, Ajax Systems, and Honeywell.

With your new home alarm system professionally installed by Union Alarm, we can monitor the security system in our central station. Want to enhance your overall security? Trust our in-house master locksmiths to install Medeco high-security locks. This will help to physically protect the doors to your home with high-security locks that are pickproof and drill resistant.

Finally, we provide wireless home alarm kits for do-it-yourself installers who want to install their own home alarm system! With over-the-counter security products from Ajax Systems, you can easily mount your own wireless security system and monitor it yourself using Ajax SMS text notifications. Our kits include wireless door contacts, motion detectors, and smoke detectors that take as little as 30 minutes to install. Best of all, it’s easy to set up and program with the Ajax mobile app developed for smartphones.

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Home Alarm System Calgary


Frequently Asked Questions

Home Alarm System Calgary – Q&A

Yes, we can! In many cases, our clients have an older home alarm system installed by Chubb or ADT. These older systems are easily taken over or newly upgraded to modern standards. Union Alarm proudly services most major brands of home security systems, regardless of who first installed the alarm platform. Also, we can often reprogram the home alarm system without knowing the old installer’s code.

Here in Calgary, the most common home alarm system will be from a Canadian manufacturer branded as DSC. These systems are easily upgraded and lend themselves well to wireless additions and handheld remote control. We can also monitor your DSC alarm system in our central alarm station. Call Union Alarm today, and ask about a takeover.

Absolutely! When it comes to a home alarm system and activation in Calgary, the system should be monitored. understandably, this permits our central station to contact you with alarm reports! In addition, we can then notify police & emergency services as the alarm communicates to our station operators.

Finally, you will reap the rewards as a monitored home alarm system will provide discounts on your annual home insurance. Ask your insurance broker about the discounts available to you. You can also add protection from carbon monoxide gas, or we can add medical alert pendants for seniors who may be prone to slip and fall incidents. Annual monitoring rates start from $24.00 per month (plus GST/PST).

Yes! Many insurance companies offer discounts for Home Alarm Systems in Winnipeg. In fact, a monitored home alarm system can gain a substantial discount on your annual insurance premiums. Today, many insurance companies require monitored home security systems in order to obtain coverage.

While understanding the benefits, insurance underwriters know that a home security system helps protect your home and your family’s safety. Call Union Alarm to install or upgrade your older ADT or ProTelec alarm system today.

Wireless Home Alarms – Calgary

No wires. No worries. Ajax

When a new home alarm system is required, Ajax believes that people shouldn’t have to live in fear. As a result, their high-tech alarm systems give you that peace of mind. When you’re under the protection of Ajax, you’re safe from thieves, fires, or floods that can cause real harm to property and people.

Above all, they built Ajax from scratch by combining technology with functional design, while using the best components available. Incidentally, this approach made it possible to create a user-friendly home alarm system with a modern style.

Contact Union Alarm in Calgary and ask for pricing on a wireless home alarm system.

Ajax – Wireless Starter Kit:

Notably, the Starter Kit includes all of the equipment needed to detect an alarm. Kits include a door contact, motion detector, key fob with a panic button, and the hub to control the alarm system. The hub manages all of the devices within the Ajax security system. Clearly, detectors then identify threats such as door openings, windows breaking, or the presence of an intruder.

In addition, outdoor detectors can also identify trespassers when they first step onto your property. Even if someone climbs over a fence or tries to peek in a window, Ajax detectors raise the alarm instantly. Finally, when intruders are detected, the security system sends an instant alarm signal to you via text and also alerts your security company if the system is monitored. Learn more about Ajax Security Systems at Union Alarm in Calgary.

Customer Testimonials


“The team at Union Alarm is second to none! My family was so impressed with their professional and friendly attitude plus their knowledge of various security systems was fantastic! Graeme took care of all of the paperwork and account setups prior to their site visit so no time was lost waiting to be connected to the monitoring station. Keith did an amazing job setting up and programming the system to perform based on customer preferences. They both suggested options and solutions based on their professional experience which tailored the system to best suit our needs. Keith also went above and beyond to troubleshoot and repair a few existing issues from a previous installation by a different company. Thank you all so much for a perfect experience!”  | Monitored Home Alarm System

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