Home Security System Calgary

Choosing a Home Security System

Choosing Home Security should not become a daunting task. First, put your trust in the pros at Union Alarm. With over 30 years of experience in home alarm systems, we can help you choose a reliable product. Second, know that we have the best home alarm systems in Calgary.

  • In fact, we also sell security cameras and network recorders to keep watch over your home.
  • Need professional installation? We can install your home security system including cameras.
  • Finally, we promote major brands including Ajax Security, 2GIG, and DSC Alarm Systems.

As a result of your home alarm being activated by Union Alarm, we can program your home security system for monitoring in our central station. Want enhanced protection? Our certified master locksmiths can also install Medeco high-security locks to protect the doors in your home.

Furthermore, we carry residential alarm systems for the do it yourself installer. This includes over the counter alarm & camera kits designed for those who want to install their own security. With the addition of wireless door contacts, motion detectors, and smoke detection, residential alarm systems are a great way to protect your home.

Home Security

Home Security System Calgary

Frequently Asked Questions

Home Alarm Systems – Q&A

Yes, we can! In many cases, clients have an ADT alarm system within a home they have purchased. In fact, we service all brands of home alarm systems, regardless of the company that installed it. Furthermore, we can service your home alarm even if you don’t have codes.

In Calgary, many ADT alarm system installs include a basic DSC alarm system. First, know that we can take over the panel and reprogram your DSC alarm system to dial our station. Contact Union Alarm today, and request a takeover.

Yes. Absolutely! When it comes to home security protection in Calgary, it should be monitored. In short, this allows the central station to advise you of all alarm conditions! Furthermore, it alerts police & emergency services and communicates a response to alarms.

Secondly, it will help achieve savings on your annual home insurance through discounts. Finally, alarm monitoring provides added protection of fire and medical alert dispatch when required. With Union Alarm, monitoring rates are as low as $24.00 per month (plus GST).

Yes! Many insurance companies offer discounts for Home Alarms in Calgary. In fact, monitored home alarm systems can gain a substantial discount on your annual insurance premiums. Today, many insurance companies require monitored home security systems in order to obtain coverage.

While understanding the benefits, Underwriters know that a home security system helps protect your home and your family’s safety. Call Union Alarm to install or upgrade your older ADT alarm system.

Wireless Home Security

No wires. No worries. Ajax

For home protection in Calgary, Ajax believes that people shouldn’t have to live in fear. As a result, their high tech alarm system gives you peace of mind. When you’re under the protection of Ajax, you’re safe from thieves, fires or floods that can cause real harm to property and people.

Above all, they built Ajax from scratch by combining technology with functional design, while using the best components available. Incidentally, this approach made it possible to create a user-friendly alarm system with a modern style.

Contact Union Alarm for a price on wireless alarm systems.

Ajax – Wireless Starter Kit:

Notably, the Starter Kit includes all of the equipment needed to detect an alarm. Kits include a door contact, motion detector, key fob with a panic button, and the hub to control the alarm system. The hub manages all of the devices within the Ajax security system. Clearly, detectors then identify threats such as door openings, window breaking, or the presence of an intruder.

In addition, outdoor detectors can also identify trespassers from the first step on your property. Even if someone climbs over a fence or tries to peek in a window, Ajax detectors raise the alarm instantly. Finally, when intruders are detected, the security system sends an instant alarm signal to you and your security company if the system is monitored. Learn more about Ajax Security Systems at Union Alarm in Calgary.