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Our Team - Our History

Team - Union Alarm Company
Union Alarm Company - A Union Protection Company

Union Alarm – History

A little about Team Union Alarm. With our head office located in Calgary, Union Alarm was founded by team leader Graeme Browne. Together with Peter Gallant, the pair of seasoned 30+ year security experts have successfully built and established Calgary’s Contract Security Inc. (CSI), Canada’s Union Alarm Company, and the parent company Union Protection Inc.

Company – Mergers

As of 2018, the companies have merged under Union Alarm. Consequently, Union Alarm is quickly becoming one of Canada’s leading security companies. While serving Calgary and the surrounding area over the past 15 years, the company is now focused on growth beyond its Provincial borders. Watch for new branches opening soon.

Company – Growth

Union Alarm is proud to announce plans for continued growth. Currently, we are looking to open branches in Winnipeg and Edmonton. This will further strengthen our relationships and business position with multiple offices located across the prairie region. More news on this coming soon!

Company – Trust

Union Alarm is proud to promote long standing relationships. For that reason, we work hard to secure new business, and twice as hard to retain it. The key emphasis here is building long term trust. Few companies in our industry can achieve that, and it’s a core principle that our company is founded upon.

Union Alarm. A trusted company!

Company – Products

On the whole, Union Alarm has partnered with some of the worlds largest security manufacturers. As a direct result, we now bring you the latest security products at the lowest possible prices. Even more, we deliver the latest in high tech alarm systems, card access control, and high definition security cameras. Products allowing full integration with remote connectivity through IP modules and software. Call us to learn more!

Team Union Alarm

Meet the team at Union Alarm. A trusted group of expert security technicians based in Calgary. In addition to servicing both Calgary & Edmonton, we further provide service throughout western Canada. Consequently, the company employs some of the best security technicians in the industry today. As a result, our team includes award winning staff who are highly trained & certified in each field we service. Furthermore, our training with high end security products positions us as being true experts in the field. A title that only comes with experience!

In reading about our team, you’ll further discover that we also employ a staff of 30+ year professionals who are expert security consultants. While working direct with clients, we design and install high tech security systems to protect your facility. Furthermore, our security technicians integrate card access doors to control the flow of guests within your facilities. Finally, we monitor your alarm system to protect your capital and assets from fire, damage, and theft. Union Alarm is a listed U.L.C. company. A fully licensed security partner with a team you can trust!


Team Union Alarm - Owner

Graeme Browne. The companies’ founder, and the one who heads the team. Being in the industry since 1983, Graeme has managed the company over the past 15 years. Having a lengthy technical background, he is very well respected while being that of a master security technician. Furthermore, Graeme holds an Alberta Journeyman Ticket along with the coveted CPL designation from ALOA. In managing the companies, Graeme is firmly committed to building relationships while providing a very high standard of service to our clients.


Team Leader - Peter Gallant, CML

Peter Gallant. A partner in the company with more than 35 years industry experience. He manages the Calgary operations and he’s fluent in Alberta Building Codes pertaining to security. A truly respected security expert, Peter is a certified CML with infinite knowledge of electronic security hardware, life safety codes, and entrance control. He further oversees our U.L.C. Financial installations with alarm systems securing National Banks & Credit Unions across Canada. We call him the “Professor”, as he’s one of the smartest people we’ve ever met!

Security Technicians

Security Technicians - Union Alarm

Keith Brillon. Our go to guy on the ground, and one of our expert security technicians. He’s been with the company for 7 years while working along side Peter. Keith is fluid with integration and handles our ULC installations with ease. His technical abilities are sound, and his installation skills with electro-mechanical hardware are first rate. Certified in Verex Alarm Systems and Truvision CCTV Products, his specialty includes the installation of alarms, card access systems and IP based camera platforms. A great guy and a dedicated team player.

Union Alarm - Security Technicians

Barrett Gysemans. A recent addition to Union Alarm. Barrett is a second-generation technician who came over from Chubb Edwards to work with the company. Being in the industry over 16 years, he heads up our service department and plans to climb the corporate ladder. Barrett is Silver Certified with Lenel Access, and he’s further certified with Verex Alarm Systems, DSC Alarms, and Pelco CCTV Cameras. His specialty is with integrated solutions and we are pretty darned excited to have him. Another one of our expert security technicians!

Union Alarm - Security Technicians

Recent Additions

Cannon Funk. The latest addition to Union Alarm (our newbie). Cannon came over to head up our residential alarm division. Being in the industry over 20 years, he’s another of our expert installers. With that said, Cannon looks after our residential systems with home installations using wired and wireless systems. Cannon is certified with DSC Alarms, Honeywell Intrusion, GE Simon, and 2 Gig Systems to name a few. His specialty is with home alarm systems, and we are very excited to have him join the team at Union Alarm.