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Protect your building 24 hours a day with a card access control system. With entrance controls in place, only authorized users can gain entry to your building. A high-level security system that helps protect your assets, and accounts for building occupants. We can even provide an app for your smart phone or android devices that allows you to control the doors of your building remotely!

With an access control system, individuals must present credentials before they can unlock a door and enter your building; this is done using proximity-based swipe cards, an electronic keypad, or by key fob. High-security credentials can further include biometric readers or retina scanners for sensitive areas such as laboratories or server rooms.

If you need a professional to install your electronic access control system, look no further than Union Alarm. We’ve garnered a reputation as one of the leading security companies offering card access control solutions. Our technicians specialize in card access control and we integrate these controls through commercial security systems.

Other advantages from Union Alarm include:

  • Our technicians are factory trained in cloud based card access control and certified in access control systems using enterprise software.

  • We service all major brands of card access systems, including Kantech, Keyscan, ICT, Chubb, and HID.

  • We’re certified experts in securing and controlling entrance doors using card readers and electrified locking hardware.

Do you need a professionally-installed electronic access control system to protect your office, banking facilities, or logistics warehouse? Count on Union Alarm for all your installation, repair, and service needs. We are true experts in this field!

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Access Control Systems

You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your building is secure. With an access control system, you don’t have to. Restrict access to your building and protect those within it using an electronic entrance control solution. Along with access control, we install electric strikes, magnetic locks and electronic door hardware.

We provide the following services and installations:

Commercial Card Access Systems

With our complete installation services, we’ll take care of everything. Here’s a look at our process:

  • We start by surveying your site. Based on the layout, we’ll plan the cabling routes for the doors you need to secure.
  • Next, we’ll set up and install the hardware needed to secure your doors. We’ll also install the card readers and corresponding door controllers.
  • From there, we’ll program the access control software to authorize your users, door groups, and the time schedules for your facility.
  • Once everything is set up, we’ll program cards or fobs and teach your staff how to maintain and administrate the system.

Security Integration For Office Towers

Our services include electronic entrance control for ground-level entrance doors, parkades, fire doors, and stairwells. With our training and experience, we consider ourselves masters in security integration.

  • We install maglocks and electronic strikes. Our professional installation services will ensure that you’re compliant with Canada’s Building and Fire Codes.
  • Once your access control system is installed, we’ll provide software suites that allow you to program and maintain your system and its users.
  • Use our software suites to program key cards and fobs for your building occupants. It’s fast, secure, and simple to add new users!

Condominium Entrance Control

Secure your condo building with a card access system to ensure the safety of your residents. Our key fobs and card access systems are used to secure condominium towers across Canada.

  • Electronic access systems can be used to secure parkade doors, base building doors, and common areas (such as pools, gyms, and saunas).
  • With remote key fobs and wireless entrance control, we can secure overhead doors in your condominium buildings parkade area.
  • Our technicians can service and upgrade your existing system; we offer full maintenance for access control systems & software updates.
  • Need a repair? We service all major brands of card access control.

The Union Alarm Guarantee!

Certified Installation

All of our technicians are fully certified, licenced, and experienced. We deliver professional installation with each service we provide—that’s the Union Alarm guarantee.

Excellent Support

Get first-rate support for your access control system when you work with Union Alarm. Find out why customers say our support technicians are the best of any security firm.

Lowest Pricing!

Choose Union Alarm, and you’ll always pay the lowest price for your access control system and hardware components. You’ll love our low prices; contact us to request a quote.

Our Partners and Brands

We partner with many of the best access control companies in the world. The manufacturers and brands we promote include:


It’s a security system that electronically controls and restricts access to your building. Instead of a mechanical key, users must provide an authorized swipe card or key fob to gain entry to a specific door, or to access a given area or floor of a building.

Users must provide a valid access card or key fob before they can gain entry to the building. By swiping an authorized credential at the card reader, the system reads it and then releases the door electronically. All entries are then tracked and recorded for security audits if required. Additional features such as biometric (fingerprint) readers, or retina scanners can also be deployed. In most cases, high-security prox cards are used with proximity-based card readers.

If you need to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering your building, you can use an access control system. Manage who can enter your building, and when they can enter (and who doesn’t). Card access is also used to track employees and visitors of your facility. A software audit can further demonstrate who entered the building, what time they entered, and the door/s they have accessed? It can also be used during a safety audit to show who may remain onsite?

You might be wondering if your building or company needs an access control system. The top benefits are as follows:

  • Prevent unauthorized people from entering your building, workspace, or floor.
  • Ensure that building occupants are safe and accounted for.
  • Print employee ID using printable access control cards.
  • Monitor everyone who enters the premises.
  • HR audits – employee time & attendance.
  • Eliminate changing of locks & keys.

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At Union Alarm, we’ll set you up with the right access control system. Combine physical security with electronic access control to enhance the security of your building. Manage and control access to your facility using card readers and key fobs.

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We understand building security. It’s the primary reason we are trusted amongst Winnipeg’s growing business community!


Customer Testimonials

When our consulting firm moved into a new office space here in Calgary, we began looking for a Commercial Security System to secure our business. We contacted Union Alarm and they were quick to send someone over to look at our building. Upon completing a walk-through survey, Peter emailed us with a couple of prepared quotes that provided some great options. We chose to install a Commercial Alarm System with Electronic Card Readers for the entrance doors, and we added Surveillance Cameras to protect and monitor the space. Union Alarm performed a precision installation and trained our staff to maintain the access cards & key fobs. This company comes highly recommended!
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