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Choosing a Card Access Control System

Flexible, customizable, and completely secure—that’s the power you have with a card access system. Secure your Edmonton business with a card access system. Professionally installed by Union Alarm.

Once deployed, controlling access to your building is simple with an electronic access control system. With a card access system, you can:

  • Manage which users can gain access to the building by providing Bluetooth credentials, key fobs, or proximity based access control cards.
  • Before opening a door, employees and guests must swipe a valid access control card, enter a personal code, or provide an electronic key fob.
  • Revoke access to specific users, and restrict access to an area whenever necessary.
  • Program time schedules to control when areas are accessible to card users.

By creating user groups, you can manage which employees can enter a specific area (and at which times those areas are accessible). Once you assign a schedule, you can restrict access to user groups when necessary and keep your building secure.

Ever wondered who enters your building and at what time? With a traditional key mechanism, you’ll never know. But a card access system tracks who opens each door, and when. You can protect entrance doors using our electrified locking hardware and electronic card readers.

Plus, you’ll never need to change your keys or locks again. Use the software to reprogram your key fobs or access cards whenever you need to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Card Access System – Q&A

Say goodbye to locks with keys. A card access system requires the use of a programmable key card, valid credential or key fob to gain entry to your building. Simply swipe the card or key fob at the reader and the door unlocks for an authorized user. When you want to revoke access, you can edit user groups or permissions using the software.

Yes! We know that clients across Edmonton may have other brands of access cards and card access systems. This is why we offer service to all major brands, including ICT, Keyscan, Kantech, HID, and many more. Even if your software is outdated, we can service, upgrade, and add new features to your system.

Absolutely! Not only can we add new doors and card readers, but we also supply & install all of the electronic door hardware needed to secure your doors.

Yes! At Union Alarm, we supply and install card access systems for businesses of all sizes. If you’re looking for something basic, you can choose from a single-door entry control system, or a basic 2-door card access system. As your business grows, you can expand the system to add more doors. Consider the ProtegeGX line if you’re securing multiple sites.

Worried that an access control solution is out of your budget? Access control systems are a cost-effective way to monitor your building security. Our ProtegeWX system from ICT includes an affordable kit to help get your started. Call us for an estimate in Edmonton.

Card Access System – ICT

ProtegeWX & ProtegeGX

Security doesn’t have to be complicated. With the ProtegeWX and ProtegeGX card access systems, you can let the software do the heavy lifting.

  • These platforms include enterprise-level card access systems. You can fully integrate them with building automation solutions and intrusion detection for more comprehensive security.
  • Whenever you need to operate, integrate, or extend the platform, we do so with an intuitive interface.

These systems are designed to be user-friendly. The interface is fully customizable; it features graphical floor plans and status pages that allow you to control and monitor the system.

Call us to add commercial entrance control to your office or building in Edmonton.

ICT ProtegeGX – Effortless to Extend:

As your Edmonton business grows, so too should your card access system. The ProtegeGX platform features a modular design, allowing you to scale it with the needs of your business. Add expander modules and optional functionality as you need it.

It integrates with a variety of third-party systems so we can make use of your existing infrastructure. You can even create custom integrations with a third-party developer software. Ask us how?

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Customer Testimonials


“Union Alarm took over an existing building access system on two of our buildings. Since the initial building access work was completed several years ago, additional door access and security cameras were installed and in recent months, an additional building access system has been added. The service technicians were knowledgeable, took time to listen to the client’s needs and provided cost-effective solutions.”  Card Access System & Camera Installation

Facility Manager

Centre Street ChurchFaith Based Organization