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Choosing a Network Video Recorder

Keep a watchful eye on your business with a network video recorder. But how do you determine the right surveillance recording system for your commercial property? Your choice is essential for the security of your business—make the right decision when you work with Union Alarm in Edmonton.

Our team has decades of experience installing and servicing digital video recorders, video surveillance systems, and commercial camera systems. We offer professional solutions for commercial security issues.

  • Shop our selection of NVR & DVR video recorders, available in 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64-channel configurations. Larger systems are available for enterprise-level requirements.
  • We carry a full range of Network Video Recorders, Digital Video Recorders, and we also carry Hybrid units.
  • Use Hybrid DVRs and NVRs to record platforms with older analog cameras as you start to upgrade your system toward a full IP platform.
  • You can depend on the advice from our experienced technicians; to speak with a video specialist or network professional, contact us today.

If you’re upgrading an analog camera system, start by using a hybrid video recorder. You can keep using your existing cameras while you implement newer IP cameras. Lower your costs and improve your security with a hybrid video recording system.

At Union Alarm, we offer IP-based solutions to offer you the latest in network video recorder technology. Choose from brands such as March Networks, ExacqVision, HIKvision, and Bosch. Contact us to inquire about managed network switches and POE distribution for high-definition IP cameras.

4 to 32 Channel NVR’s


Frequently Asked Questions

Video Surveillance System – Q&A

We’re going to explain how each network recorder works to help you decide:

Analog camera systems send the video stream via coaxial cabling to a DVR unit that processes and records it. These traditional CCTV cameras are now somewhat outdated, and the format demands significantly larger storage drives for video retention.

IP camera systems are different; they use a network-based solution. Not only do they offer higher definition recordings, but they compress files to minimize storage requirements. Before the security camera sends the video signal through the network, it encodes the signal. Then, the data is stored on a local network-based NVR unit.

While both systems record live video, they process data in two different ways. DVR systems (digital video recorders) use internal capture cards to process the raw video stream.

NVR systems (network video recorders) receive compressed data that’s been encoded by an IP camera system. The NVR acts as a network storage device for playback and hosting.

Transition from analog cameras to IP cameras using a Hybrid NVR. You can keep using your older cameras as you add new ones to lower your upfront costs.

Hybrid Network Video Recorders

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Businesses across Edmonton are switching from analog cameras to Hybrid NVRs. It’s easy to migrate your analog system to an HD IP video platform; we’ll help you do all that with one recording platform. Hybrid NVRs are highly reliable and versatile; they’re available in 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64-channel models.

At Union Alarm, we offer storage that starts from 2TD and can increase up to 3PB!

Improve your security with the addition of high-definition security cameras in Edmonton. Upgrade at a pace that suits your budget and continue using your analog cameras for maximum cost-effectiveness.

For more information about our hybrid video recorders, contact us today!

Bosch – Divar network and hybrid recording solutions

If you operate a business with one location, you may be interested in a standalone network video recorder solution. We offer systems from Bosch’s DIVAR network 2000 and 3000 series, including the DIVAR Hybrid 3000.

For medium-sized businesses, you may be better suited for the DIVAR network 5000 and DIVAR Hybrid 5000 models; they can be mounted on a 19” rack for a hidden installation.

Construct a future-proof IP video surveillance system using DIVAR network solutions.
We help small and medium-sized businesses find the perfect systems for their security needs.

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Monitor your commercial property with high-definition network recorders. Our technicians will help you upgrade your existing video management software and switch to using Hybrid NVRs. To request a free quote, contact Union Alarm today!

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They did an excellent job at our Calgary warehouse! Working to make sure that we felt secure in our work space was their first priority and it showed in the results!

We highly recommend them to anyone in the Calgary area that is looking to get a security system set up or revamped! | Security System & Monitoring

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