Managing Employee Access To Your Building

You wouldn’t put sensitive information on a computer without password protection. So why would you protect your business with an outdated security system? To keep up with today’s commercial security standards, it’s time to implement card access control in your building. With an access control system, users must present authorized credentials before they can enter […]

Protecting The Perimeter Yard Of A Business

You know it’s important to protect the interior of your property. But what about the exterior?  Inside your business, you keep all kinds of valuable assets, from your inventory to commercial equipment. A security breach can cause harm to your business operations, hurt your bottom line, and jeopardize the safety of your employees. How do […]

Commercial Business Security Tips

You’ve invested countless hours and dollars into your business, from perfecting your products to hiring and training employees. But how much have you invested in commercial security?  We’re going to cover the different security measures you can use to help protect your business. From setting up video surveillance to installing an access control system, there […]

Winnipeg Commercial Security Company Announces New Senior Integrator

Union Alarm has launched its new office in Winnipeg, and now, office buildings, financial institutions, and other businesses in Winnipeg have the opportunity to work with an industry-leading security company. As part of their new expansion into Manitoba, they are building a team of experienced and certified technicians to serve businesses across Winnipeg and throughout the Province. In their pursuit to meet the needs of those businesses, they’ve hired Keith Trumbla to install security systems. 

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