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Security Integration – Edmonton

How to manage Security Integration

At Union Alarm, we know that every building is unique; as such, your security integration requirements will vary. Installing an integrated security system requires a deep understanding of the technology, your business, and the best security practices.

Here are a few things to consider when deploying your security integration:

  • With a basic access control system in Edmonton, you can only manage users who enter/exit exterior doors.
  • Expand your control with Security Integration, which also gives you management of a commercial alarm system.
  • Arm your alarm system to monitor and manage sensitive areas within your building.
  • Add security cameras which can record activity and send important notifications upon entry.

Our Edmonton technicians leave nothing to chance–we perform a professional survey to understand your building inside and out. Before we get started, we’ll ask you questions such as:

  • Do any employees have access to the building on weekends or after hours?

  • How many exterior doors does your building have? Furthermore, how many entry points require video surveillance?

  • Do any areas need integrated alarm protection after your business closes?

  • Which doors are physically locked? How many doors need electronic access control systems?

  • Do you want to limit the access that visitors and guests have to your property?

Based on your responses, we’ll put together a comprehensive proposal for you to review and approve. Then, we can get started with the planning of the security integration system for your building.

Security Integration by ICT


Frequently Asked Questions

Security Integration – Edmonton – Q&A

You need a variety of security systems to give your Edmonton business the utmost protection. With an integrated solution, we can guard sensitive areas with alarm protection, manage user access to entrance doors, and add a monitored ULC fire alarm system.

An integrated system allows you to manage all of your security measures with ease. Add intrusion features for even greater protection. When everything is connected, you’ll get faster response times to various security issues.

The answer depends on the unique security needs of your property; to set up a professional survey, reach out to Union Alarm today.

Absolutely! With an integrated security system, you can monitor various areas of your building during specified hours. Arming and disarming your system is easy using the electronic keypad. 

Add an access control system to control who can enter different areas of your property. You’ll always know who’s been in your building, and at what time. With integrated security systems, you can rest assured that your business will always be protected.

If you’re looking for an enterprise security solution, consider security automation; it integrates your alarm system and access control system with your building automation software.

By uniting these platforms, you’ll enjoy more comprehensive building control. You can integrate your access control systems with parking lot entrances, stairwell doors, building elevators, and perimeter entrance doors.

ICT ProtegeGX

An enterprise solution at your fingertips.

Complexity, Made Simple

At Union Alarm, we’re a factory-trained and authorized partner of ICT. We share their philosophy that great software should do the hard work (so that you don’t have to).

The ProtegeGX package is the perfect example of this philosophy in action. It’s easy to operate this fully-integrated security system, which combines intrusion detection, access control, and building automation all in one. Extend your security system in Edmonton as your business grows. And with a user-friendly interface, operating the ProtegeGX is intuitive.

Integrated Alarm Panels:

Every ICT Card Access Control system has internal alarm integration; it’s a feature built-in with every system. To set it up, we start by mounting the main control panel, and then activating the access control system. We’ll set up 8-zones of on-board alarm protection.

Then, we’ll set up the ICT door controllers to terminate each card reader and wire the card access points by programming 2, 4, and 8 door configurations.

Enterprise Software

Looking for more security than what a standalone alarm monitoring interface offers? Try the ProtegeGX software, which gives you more control, advanced management, and ease of use. Integrate access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection into one user-friendly interface.

You’ll get access to central database management for graphical maps, system configuration, full reports, and card access and alarms. We offer optional add-ons, including the Photo ID Integration Package; the extensive photo ID capabilities include card design, capturing photos, and card printing (on compatible computers).

If you’re interested in a demonstration or proposal, contact Union Alarm today!

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Integrating security systems is one of our specialties at Union Alarm. Our experienced technicians are here to help you expand the scope of your commercial security system. Leave no door unprotected and no room unmonitored with security system integration. To get a free quote in or around Edmonton, call now!

Consider Security Integration for your Office or Business in Edmonton!

An investment in commercial security will always pay off; you’ll enjoy peace of mind and lower crime rates. We hope these safety tips give you a better idea of how to protect your commercial property.

Modern-day security integration is essential for deterring crime in an office building, warehouse, or an industrial facility. At Union Alarm, we install, service, and monitor security systems for businesses. Our team will set you up with integrated security solutions built to prevent theft, manage access, and monitor fire signals.

Our commercial security systems will help keep intruders out.

To get a free quote, contact us in Edmonton today.

Customer Testimonials


In 2019 our logistics company took over a 180,000 square foot logistics warehouse in SE Calgary. We needed a security integration company to set up a business alarm system with card access control and a firm that could upgrade the security cameras within the building. After getting three quotes, we chose Union Alarm to perform the security installation. Their technicians were very thorough, executed the alarm installation in a timely fashion, and demonstrated their true expertise. We have had them back for recent service and they are both responsive, and courteous. We highly recommend Union Alarm for commercial security systems in Calgary. | Integrated Access & Intrusion

Lila Craig

Overland West Freight LinesLogistics Service Company / Calgary