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Video Surveillance – Since 1990

What happens at your business when you’re not around? With surveillance cameras, you can keep an eye on your commercial property at all times. This includes the ability to view security cameras remotely using your laptop, tablet, your smartphone or Android device!

There are several types of IP cameras available on the market today, and each are designed to cater to your specific surveillance needs. The most popular IP camera types used in businesses today are:

  • Turret Cameras: These cameras are modular in design and are perfect for outdoor use. They are waterproof and have a protective casing that keeps them safe from dust, rain, and other outdoor elements.
  • Dome Cameras: These IP cameras are mounted looking downward and can provide a 360-degree view of the surroundings. They are popularly used in large spaces such as shopping malls, hospitals, public schools, and for businesses.
  • PTZ Cameras: These cameras can pan, tilt, and zoom, giving users a more flexible viewing experience. They are typically used for tracking moving objects, such as in parking lots or within retail environments and within industrial settings.

At Union Alarm in Edmonton, our factory-trained and certified technicians utilize all of the latest features. This includes turret cameras, tamper proof IP dome cameras, PTZ cameras, and surveillance cameras designed to handle covert applications.

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Security Camera Installation & Service

Indoor & Outdoor Dome Cameras

It’s one thing to buy a video surveillance system–it’s another to install and mount it properly. At Union Alarm, we’ll take care of everything from surveying the site to planning the installation.

Once your project is given a green light, we’ll install network cabling from the server room (which houses the recording device) to the camera locations. Then, we’ll set up camera mounts and dome cameras around your business. We’ll finish the job by programming the video cameras to operate on a secure network.

Keep things running smoothly at your Edmonton business with interior and exterior security cameras from Union Alarm.

Pan, Tilt & Zoom Cameras

PTZ cameras are the ideal surveillance cameras for the perimeter of your building or its internal corridors. Our high-definition video cameras hold up in the most difficult conditions. When you need an outdoor camera, we install surveillance systems that include weatherproof and vandal-resistant cameras.

Need security cameras in a dimly lit area (like a parking lot or parkade)? No problem; we also install low-light PTZ dome cameras capable of surveillance for any large area.

If you’re looking for a proposal on Bosch Surveillance Cameras or Hik Vision Dome Cameras in Edmonton, give us a call. We’ll provide a written proposal and explain all of the options available today.

DVR & NVR Surveillance Systems

Beyond new surveillance cameras, we can also upgrade your existing security camera systems and provide a professional recording solution.  Our technicians work closely with your IT department to service, install or update your video surveillance and recording equipment.

In addition, Union Alarm is well versed in all types of video recording solutions. From older DVR units to the latest NVR units (network video recorders). This includes hybrid video recorders capable of recording both analog and full IP-based signals.

Once your camera system is updated, we provide annual service whenever you need a tune-up. Full maintenance plans are available.

Why install Commercial Security Cameras?

Certified Installation

When you work with Union Alarm, quality is a guarantee. You can trust our team of licenced, certified, and experienced technicians.

Excellent Support

After your video surveillance cameras are installed, we offer ongoing support. Customer service is one of our top priorities.

Lowest Pricing!

Pay the lowest prices for high-definition video cameras and surveillance systems in Edmonton. Request a free quote today!

Our partners and brands

Union Alarm partners with the best NVR companies & camera manufacturers The brands we service include;





Edmonton businesses depend on surveillance cameras to protect their offices. At Union Alarm, we have you covered!

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Every company can benefit from video surveillance; it’s a smart and cost-effective way to deter burglars, monitor your property, and keep your employees safely in view. Discover the peace of mind that a modern video surveillance system has to offer.

At Union Alarm, we use the latest technology to capture what happens inside and around your business. Ready to set up security cameras at your office, retail store, or warehouse facilities in Edmonton? Contact us today.

Every business needs a security system. With surveillance cameras, you can:

  • Oversee the interior and exterior of your commercial property
  • Monitor employee safety or suspicious activities
  • Deter burglaries & prevent loss or theft
  • Record live video to support legal concerns

Our video cameras use a closed-loop system; this ensures that the recorded camera footage stays within your business. The surveillance cameras capture live footage and record it onto a network video recorder for playback or remote viewing at any time.

We recommend choosing a reputable brand in the security industry. We service and install surveillance cameras from world-renowned companies, including Axis, Hikvision, Dahua, Speco, and Bosch.

To find out which video recording system will work best for your commercial property, get in touch with us in Edmonton. We can assess the needs of your business and provide you with a free written proposal.


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Graeme & Peter from Union Alarm have been great to work with over the years. They are extremely responsive, always answering your calls and able to assist you with all your urgent matters! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Union Alarms to anyone looking for Security Systems and Cameras!

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