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Alarm System Monitoring in Edmonton

Professional Alarm Monitoring for Business

Alarm System Monitoring Edmonton! The success of your office or business’s protection truly depends on the integrity of your security system and the use of professional alarm system monitoring services! Suffering a burglary can be a major inconvenience; it also presents sudden losses and damage to your property. Not only does it threaten the assets of your business, staff, and patrons, but it can also interrupt your business operations. As a business leader, you have enough to worry about as it is—the security of your business premises shouldn’t be one of your concerns.

At Union Alarm, we understand that your companies security needs are unique. That’s why we offer security solutions designed to suit the needs of your offices, and/or business operations here in Alberta. We’re a ULC-listed and certified alarm company in Edmonton. You can trust that we provide comprehensive, reliable, and responsive alarm system monitoring, and we’ve been doing so since 1990!

With our business alarm monitoring services, we’ll keep an eye on your security system at all times. Police and emergency services can respond quickly to security issues when your premises are protected with a monitored alarm system.

In fact, we monitor your security system 24 hours a day. You’ll then have peace of mind knowing that your company assets, staff, and business premises are always protected.

At Union Alarm, we offer the following monitoring options throughout Alberta:

  • Office alarm monitoring
  • Business alarm system monitoring
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Live Video Verification

When dispatching or contacting the police, we provide video verification for customers who require it. In fact, we custom tailor every monitored alarm response; when you need a dispatch, we contact local police agencies or guard companies on your behalf. We can even custom tailor the contact of assigned managers and keyholders for your facilities.

Call and talk with our team. We’d like to become your service provider, and we’d be proud to monitor your security systems...anywhere in Alberta!

Alarm Monitoring – Edmonton & Surrounding Areas


Frequently Asked Questions

Alarm System Monitoring Edmonton – Q&A

Yes! At Union Alarm, we specialize in ULC monitoring and commercial fire alarm monitoring. We also provide ULC certificates to validate that your Alberta property adheres to local and municipal building & safety codes, and we document all commercial installations.

Yes, you need a permit for any monitored alarm system installed in a business or commercial building in Edmonton. Systems installed outside of the city may or may not require an alarm permit with local RCMP detachments. (We suggest checking with your local municipality)

We can! At Union Alarm, we know that many offices & businesses in Edmonton, and the surrounding areas already have a security system, which is why we offer our services for all existing security systems in Alberta.

If you already have an alarm system installed in your office or commercial building, we can connect it to our monitoring services. We offer monitoring services for all types of commercial and industrial security systems, regardless of the brand or company that initially installed them. Union Alarm provides national monitoring in a ULC-listed station with full redundancy across Canada.

ULC Alarm Monitoring Edmonton


Fire Alarm Monitoring | Edmonton

ULC Listed Alarm Monitoring

Fire Alarm Monitoring! We provide CAN/ULC S302-14 listed burglar alarm monitoring and CAN/ULC S561-13 fire monitoring, both of which are compliant with building codes and insurance standards across Alberta. We further specialize in providing ULC monitoring for credit unions and banks that require ULC Listed Vault & ATM Protection.

Moreover, our company offers certification programs for ULC Burglary and Fire Alarm Systems, ensuring adherence to codes for UL Listed Security and ULC Alarm System Monitoring. We also excel in ULC monitoring tailored for financial institutions like banks and credit unions, offering specialized protection for Vaults & ATMs.

Every ULC installation is accompanied by a ULC Certificate of Compliance from Union Alarm!

Opt for Union Alarm as your premier choice for ULC listed alarm monitoring in Alberta.


At Union Alarm, transparency is important to us. We believe in providing our customers with contracts that are straightforward and simple to understand. Your rate will always be protected for the length and term of your contract. Our general contracts are 3 years in length, but longer terms can be provided to guarantee you the lowest available rates!

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Are you looking for alarm system monitoring in or around Edmonton? At Union Alarm, we’re proud to offer our security solutions in Northern Alberta, and throughout the Province. Collectively, our team offers 100+ years of experience in the security industry. We offer alarm systems, card access control, security cameras, and complete locksmith services.

Find out why we’re the #1 choice for ULC-listed alarm monitoring. To receive a free estimate for security system monitoring, call Union Alarm today.

Customer Testimonials


Wanted to send a quick review out to Graeme and his team for the incredible response to our security needs. After being broken in to twice in the past month, we sought out an alternative alarm company to secure our building. The Union Alarm team responded to our request immediately, and within days they performed the modifications we needed to secure our building. The work done at our branch was impeccable and we would highly recommend their services. | DSC Alarm System & Alarm Monitoring

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