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Fire Alarm Systems – Edmonton

ULC Listed & Certified – Since 1990

Your business deserves the best. At Union Alarm, we’re one of the top commercial fire alarm companies in Western Canada. Our company is ULC certified in protective signaling, and we offer ULC-certified installations in Edmonton, and the surrounding areas.

  • If your property has a listed fire annunciator panel, you’ll require ULC monitoring with an installation from a certified installer.
  • Before a monitoring station can receive fire alarm signals from your fire panel, the panel must meet listing and certification requirements.
  • With the ULC certificate program, insurance bodies and building code inspectors have a reliable way to ensure the system meets the code compliance of fire alarms.

For these reasons, your alarm hardware needs a ULC listing and current labeling. At Union Alarm Edmonton, we’re a ULC-listed and certified Fire Alarm Company. Our technicians perform ULC installation services for listed fire alarm systems, including Honeywell Fire Alarms, DSC Fire Alarms, and integrated systems from our partners at ICT Solutions.

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Frequently Asked Question

Fire Alarm Systems & Monitoring – Q&A

A fire alarm alone doesn’t do enough to protect your building. It activates an alarm to let occupants know about the safety issue—but it doesn’t alert emergency services.

With a fire alarm monitoring system, your fire panel will send an emergency alert to the ULC Listed monitoring station as soon as a fire signal is detected.

The importance of fire safety cannot be understated. Get the protection you need with a ULC-listed and certified fire alarm in Edmonton.

Yes! If your office building, warehouse, or facilities already have a Chubb Edwards, Telsco or Tyco fire alarm system, we can service and monitor it (regardless of the company that installed it).

Does your fire alarm panel need an upgrade? No problem; we’ll take care of that, too.  We can recertify and reprogram your fire alarm system to enable monitoring within our ULC-listed central station here in Alberta.

It’s a certification that indicates a fire system is compliant with municipal and government agencies (including the City of Edmonton, fire department, and building codes), along with Authorities Having Jurisdiction. Before we issue a registered ULC certificate, the system must pass all testing criteria.

Once a fire system is installed, it needs ongoing monitoring and regular maintenance. Every ULC Fire Alarm Certificate requires a 5-year service contract, which ensures that the system will receive ongoing annual maintenance.

Many factors affect the cost of your installation. For example, are you adding a fire protection system to a new building or an older one? We can upgrade and monitor an existing system.

If you need a system installed at a new building, we’ll ensure that it’s compliant with power, telco lines, and electrical conduits. We also install your system with a secondary path of communication.

For more information about the cost of your fire alarm system, contact us in Edmonton at (780) 960-3141.


ULC Listed Fire Alarm Systems in Edmonton

Protect Your Condominium, Commercial or Industrial Buildings with a ULC Fire System

Every second matters when life safety is on the line. You can rely on the speed, security, and detail of alarm signals sent by your ULC-Listed Fire Alarm System. When a fire event arises, the system will send a signal immediately so that your local fire station can respond ASAP.

With DSC Fire Alarm Systems, you can rest assured that you’ll be covered 24/7. These fire alarm systems can help building occupants evacuate safely and quickly with sufficient warning signals.

At Union Alarm, we offer installations, monitoring, and maintenance services for these fire systems throughout Edmonton and the regions surrounding it.

ULC Certificated Fire Alarm

You want your business to have the best protection on the market. With a ULC-certified alarm system, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

This certificate is proof that the alarm system is inspected, tested, and actively maintained and monitored. It also affirms that the system is subject to an annual inspection, keeping it up to code.

ULC Fire Systems are installed and monitored across Alberta by Union Alarm.

Get a Free Fire Alarm Quote in Edmonton today!

At Union Alarm, your safety is our top priority. With our protection services, we’ll ensure your property has the fire safety measures it needs. Our technicians install commercial ULC fire protection systems across Edmonton, Alberta.

You never know when a fire might break out. But with a fire protection system, you’ll be notified the moment it happens. Protect your premises with a ULC fire alarm system. Contact us today for a free quote.

What’s CAN/ULC-S561 Fire Alarm Monitoring?

When new clients reach out regarding fire alarm systems, a common question is, “What does CAN/ULC-S561 entail, and how can we guarantee compliance for our local fire department?” As required throughout much of Alberta, ULC-S561 is a monitoring standard established by the Underwriter’s Laboratories of Canada (ULC), a globally acknowledged standards organization. It serves as the benchmark in both the NFPA Fire Code and Canada Building Code for buildings mandating fire alarm or sprinkler system monitoring. This standard delineates the following aspects:

  • Identify the equipment type utilized
  • Describe the Signals Receiving Centre (SRC) construction
  • Elaborate on the physical installation process of the fire alarm panel on site
  • Clarify the communication method between the fire alarm panel and SRC
  • Illustrate the procedure followed by the SRC upon receiving fire alarm signals

ULC Listed Fire Alarm Equipment?

The CAN/ULC-S561 standard requires manufacturers to test and manufacture equipment in accordance with CAN/ULC-S559 standards for fire alarm systems monitoring. This mandate applies to all equipment utilized within your building, as well as the equipment deployed in the Signals Receiving Centre (SRC) for signal reception from your building.

The standard ensures that the equipment is constructed properly and equipped to proficiently manage signals related to fire alarms. For example, fire monitoring panels compliant with CAN/ULC-S559 must give priority to fire alarm signals over others and transmit such signals to the SRC within 60 seconds of activation.

A priority when it concerns the life safety of others

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Upon searching for a professional alarm company that could provide card access control, alarm systems, and ULC fire alarm monitoring in Calgary, we contacted Union Alarm. After explaining our situation, their representatives were quick to attend our facility, reviewed our list of requirements and followed up with a written proposal. Since then, their team has returned to install a ULC Fire Alarm System and they now monitor our building security in Calgary. We are very pleased with the service and installation we have received from Union Alarm. | Monitored Fire Alarm System

Griffin Webster

Bridgeland Seventh Day Adventist ChurchReligious Organization / Calgary