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Choosing the right Electronic Lock

If you need an electronic lock, trust the expert locksmiths at Union Alarm in Edmonton. Our professional technicians have decades of experience; we’ll help you select the correct type of lock for your property.

  • We install magnetic locks and electric strikes for businesses across Alberta. Secure entrance gates and perimeter doors with electronic gate locks and egress delay systems, all installed by our professional locksmiths.
  • We install locks from reputable brands, including Folger Adams, RCI, and Securitron to name a few. Trust Union Alarm to protect your business with electronic door locks and magnetic locks.

When you work with our professional team, you can rest assured that we install all electro-mechanical locks according to local building and fire codes. Our certified master locksmiths are also trained and certified with NFPA life safety codes.

We know that the functionality of your electronic hardware plays a crucial role in the security of your business. That’s why we take a precise and expert approach to every installation. Along with electronic hardware installations, we also carry wireless door locks from Allegion Schlage, Dormakaba, and more.

Mag Lock Installation


Mag Lock vs Electric Strike

What’s the difference?

A magnetic lock is designed to be fail-safe (it uses power to lock the door), while an electric strike is predominantly fail-secure (it typically uses power to unlock the door). If magnetic locks lose power, the door will unlock. If a fail-secure electric strike loses power, the door stays locked. Fail-safe electric strikes can also be utilised where fire release doors are required.

At Union Alarm, we can assess your property to determine which electronic door lock will work best, or which lock can be used to meet code. Contact us for more information.

Maglocks are a great fit for doors with card access control systems. Mount them to a perimeter door, and you’ll achieve more security than you would with an electric strike alone. However, keep in mind there are a few rules in place regarding magnetic locks. 

The door must release if there is a power failure, so you cannot hook up battery backup power. You also need to install exit controls or an egress button; this helps the public evacuate your building without needing specialized knowledge.

Yes. You’ll get adequate holding force from an electric strike; use them to protect interior or exterior doors. To secure an exterior door, choose a Grade-1 electric strike for heavier protection. We also recommend using a Grade-1 cylindrical lockset or lever set combined with a ¾” deadlatch.

The key here is to install the lock correctly—for that, you’ll need the help of our certified locksmiths.

Yes. For most brands of electronic locks, you will need specific power supplies. The exact type will vary based on which brand you choose.

Some electrified locks only operate with 12VDC; others are designed for 24VAC low voltages. Others specify high current power supplies designed to handle higher device inrush power.

At Union Alarm, we often install RCI 10-series power supplies with fire disconnect circuits that you can use with maglocks and fail-safe electric strikes; we also carry a host of power supplies from other manufacturers.

Electronic Locks for Glass Doors

No frame…No worries.

You shouldn’t need to compromise security for a stylish door design. Worried that your options might be limited by the architectural design of your building? At Union Alarm, we offer support for several kinds of door configurations.

Inside office buildings, many doors feature full-height glass doors without top or bottom rails. Even still, you may be required to install electrified door hardware, card readers, and electronic locks.

Our skilled locksmiths will find a way. We can install magnetic locks using z-brackets, header support, or glass installation kits. In some cases, you can contact the glazing company and request pre-installed CR Laurence architectural locking hardware; this allows you to add modern styling elements.

Use access card systems and electronic card readers to control your modern electronic locks. Once we install electric strikes, we can conceal the electronic locks within the headers of the door frames. Modern, quiet, and sleek—it’s no wonder why electric strikes are rising to the forefront of commercial security and design.

Shown here is one of our recent installations with Folger Adam electric strikes.

Door Strikes, Mag Locks & Egress Buttons:

Our highly experienced locksmiths in Edmonton can install all types of electronic door hardware, including:

  • Maglocks
  • Electronic gate locks
  • Low voltage power supplies
  • Electrified locks
  • Egress control devices (including emergency pull stations and exit request buttons)

To ensure your building is compliant with Federal and Provincial building codes, we recommend installing egress control switches. At Union Alarm, we always ensure that our installations meet codes and procedures in Alberta. It’s the kind of quality you can expect from a professional installation.

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We have been clients of Union Alarm since 2015. They installed our commercial security systems and electronic locks, and have always treated us with professionalism and courtesy. They respond very quickly when we contact them with any concerns or issues. | Integrated Security & Electronic Locks

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