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Welcome to Union Alarm, one of the best Security & Alarm Companies in Calgary. Being experts in residential and commercial security systems & alarm monitoring, we provide award winning service and great pricing. Furthermore, we service and install all brands of CCTV Cameras, Card Access Systems, and Medeco High Security Locks. What is more, we carry the latest products from world class companies including Interlogix, Honeywell, and DSC Alarms to name a few. Union Alarm is 100% locally owned, and we support our clients with a team of trained & certified staff who are bonded and licensed! Also, we maintain a fleet of highly visible corporate service trucks since we are proud to advertise our brand. With that said, we’re a professional alarm company, and we offer you the very best in local Calgary alarm service!

Calgary Alarm Monitoring

Following an alarm installation, Union Alarm provides a full compliment of ULC Listed Alarm Monitoring Services to maintain and monitor fire & security systems around the clock. This includes programming your alarm system to send secure signals to our Calgary Monitoring Center. Furthermore, we monitor high security alarm signals from GSM and Radio backup devices through our Central Station.

Additionally, we monitor fire alarm systems with a ULC certificate issued for commercial buildings and office towers. In doing so, dual signal paths communicate to our ULC listed station. All ULC fire alarm signals are handled as a priority 1 dispatch. Read more…

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Home Alarm Systems

Home Alarm Systems

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Home Security Systems

Union Alarm Company for the best Home Security in Calgary. We service Edmonton, Red Deer, and Lethbridge

Home Alarm Systems

Union Alarm secures condominiums, estate homes and residential properties throughout Calgary. From alarm & security systems to home automation, it’s what we do! First, we design each system to support the customer. In most cases, our systems include hard wired or wireless alarm systems to help secure the home. With the features determined, we then deploy a team of certified alarm installers to perform your installation. Once complete, we program the dispatch instructions before testing fire & security signals in our 24 hour monitoring center. Quality security systems, and peace of mind from Union Alarm

With the alarm system and devices installed, we program the security system to protect your home in both stay mode, and away mode. This determines what devices are active or disabled when you arm the security system. For example: in stay mode the motion detectors are switched off. This allows movement within the home while all perimeter points are armed. In away mode, all devices including motion detectors become armed. Finally, we monitor your alarm system 24/7 with live operators.


Business & Office Alarm Systems

At Union Alarm, we’re specialists in commercial security systems. This includes alarm protection and monitoring of commercial buildings, business offices, industrial sites and retail stores. Consequently, our security systems include perimeter protection of windows and doors, with motion detectors added to protect internal office space. We also deploy photo beams and long range motion detectors to secure & protect large warehouse space. Furthermore, we provide ULC listed monitoring of intrusion alarms and fire alarm systems for downtown office buildings. Also, we service and install perimeter fence security for customers requiring alarm protection of exterior yards, vehicles & equipment.

First, we start with a commercial security platform designed for business use. Within your building, we install keypads to control and arm the system. Next, we install alarm devices including door contacts, motion detectors & glass break devices to protect and monitor your space. Once secured, we add an additional layer of protection with high security backup devices to protect your business from telephone line tampering. This provides high security monitoring with IP modules or cellular backup devices. Our contral station then monitors your alarm system 24 hours a day and dispatches key holders, guard services or police agencies as required. Finally, we can integrate your alarm system to include electronic card readers to help control access to your building.

Business Alarm Systems

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Business Security Systems


Banking Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems for Banks

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Alarm Systems
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Bank Security Systems

Security Systems for Banks

Banks & Credit Unions require advanced security systems to protect against fraud and theft. As an approved partner, Union Alarm is chosen to secure many regional Banks & Credit Unions. We service and install CAN/ULC-S302-14 listed security systems and devices needed to protect Bank Vaults, ATM Rooms, and related equipment. Furthermore, we secure branches with intrusion detection and security cameras to provide video surveillance. In addition, high-security lines are installed to monitor signals from our security systems at the Monitoring Centre. Considered experts in the field, our talented group has worked to secure Banks and Credit Unions for over 30 years now.

Being a ULC licensed provider to Financial Institutions, Union Alarm is highly respected in this field. We promote and service ULC listed security systems, and we monitor systems in accordance of CAN/ULC-S301-09 guidelines. Furthermore, we service and install CCTV Camera Systems to monitor activities within the bank. Consequently, this records high definition video onto network video recorders and ensures long term storage of important files. Files that are often needed for police agencies and risk management groups. As a matter of fact, we provide complete security solutions that are custom tailored to each and every client we service.


Integrated Security Systems

Being experts with security integration, Union Alarm installs fully integrated security systems. By adding proximity card readers to our intrusion systems, the system allows you to control the buildings entrance doors electronically. Consequently, we automate card readers to control mag locks and electric strikes. When a card is presented to the reader, this permits entrance to the building. We can also schedule the alarm system to arm / disarm by schedule, or arm the system using the a card reader as the last person leaves the building. Furthermore, we eliminate the need for keypads since our card readers incorporate remote arming stations. This allows you to control the security system when staff present there prox card or key fob at the door. A fully integrated security solution!

Adding Video Analytics

To further integrate our security systems, software allows the addition of security cameras. With perimeter doors secured by alarms and card access control, we program digital video recorders to capture live video when doors are opened. CCTV Cameras then record live video at each secured area and digitally stores the video to hard drives. Unauthorized access will cause an alarm screen to open within the software and notify a guard station. In addition, software allows remote viewing and a full audit trail of each and every event. Strong features that support today’s business. Call for a review of your corporate security. We are experts in Security Integration.

Integrated Security Systems - Calgary
Integrated Security Systems - Calgary

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ULC Alarm Monitoring

24 Hour Alarm Monitoring Calgary

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Alarm System

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Alarm System Monitoring

Union Alarm monitors home and business alarms throughout Calgary, Edmonton and rural areas.

Alarm Monitoring – Calgary

Union Alarm has developed a valued reputation by securing Calgary property owners with the latest in 24-Hour Monitoring and Alarm Services. We recognize the needs of Calgary residents including those living in suburban neighborhoods from McKenzie Towne to Arbor Lake in the NW. Furthermore, we service businesses operating in the downtown core of the city, or those operating in the foothills and beyond. We offer a wealth of experience in the security industry, and our experience has allowed our company to promote innovative monitoring solutions to help secure our clients in Calgary. Because we’re recognized as one of the leading security system providers of in Canada, our customers trust Union Alarm for dependable alarm systems & monitoring solutions. Each monitored account is customized unique to that customer. Be it home or business! Please Note: Permits are required for all security systems in the City of Calgary.

CAN/ULC Monitoring Services

By connecting your alarm to our Monitoring Centre, your system is monitored in a ULC Listed Station by experienced operators. We ensure that the right action is taken quickly in the event of a dispatch, and we custom tailor instructions to each client. Our alarm operators will contact your Key Holders, Guard Services, Police, or dispatch corresponding Emergency Services as required. In addition, we monitor building fire alarm systems in accordance with ULC S561-13 standards. Our central station further maintains ULC Burglary Listed Systems, and ULC Financial Alarms. In fact, we monitor all types of security systems and all brands of security equipment. Call us today. We’d like to become your service provider!


Taking Over a Security System

In many cases, our clients get an alarm system in a home they have just purchased. In Canada, many of those systems include the common DSC Power Series alarm system. First, know that we can takeover the system and reprogram the zones for you. Second, we can perform upgrades to the system or add new features to an existing system. Finally, we can monitor the alarm system and provide 24 hour protection for your family. If you’ve acquired a DSC Alarm System with the purchase of a home, here’s a great video on the DSC Power Series Security Systems!

To request a takeover of your existing alarm system, contact Union Alarm. We’ll send a technician out to survey your system and check to see if the panel can be re-programmed. In some cases we have to use a code tool to break lock-out codes when programmed by another alarm company. Some alarm companies use lock-out codes to force users to stay with them. Union Alarm never uses lockout codes. We believe control of the system should yours!

How to Use Your DSC Security System.


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Why install a Home Alarm System?

Answer:  Alarm Systems protect you in numerous ways! Firstly, most thieves will avoid a home with a monitored alarm system. If you do have a break in while you’re away, the monitoring station will immediately dispatch police and will notify you of the break in. Secondly, a security system normally provides a discount on your annual insurance premiums. Now days, many insurance companies require a monitored alarm system in order to obtain coverage. Finally, an alarm system does more than protect your home while your away. It serves to protect human life, and does so when your family needs it most. While you are asleep! In fact, your alarm system best serves you while you’re at home. It protects you from home invasions, threats from fire or smoke, and will notify you of Radon or Carbon Monoxide exposure. After all, your families life safety is the single most important thing to protect!


Should we monitor the Alarm System?

Answer:  Yes…absolutely! For any alarm system to be effective, it must be monitored. It allows the central station to advise you of an alarm condition and keeps you connected! Furthermore, it alerts police & emergency services, and allows key holders to respond to alarms. Secondly, it will help to achieve up to 20% off on your annual home insurance through policy discounts. Finally, alarm monitoring provides added protection of fire and medical dispatch when required. It further provides peace of mind knowing someone is always looking out for your families well being, and does so in all situations. With Union Alarm, monitoring rates are as low as $24.00 per month (plus GST).

ULC Listed Alarm Monitoring


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Alarm Industry Gimmicks
Stay clear of alarm company gimmicks

Due Diligence!

First of all, perform your due diligence on any security company you plan to do business with? Ensure they have long term employees who have had thorough background checks performed by local Police. This is especially relevant to “security” since these are the people and the companies you’ll trust with the Alarm and CCTV protection for your home or place of business! Vet the company and the product lines they have partnered with. While doing so, check to see how they have handled any prior issues or complaints? Noteworthy trade certifications are almost always a good indicator of a qualified company. Check their references, and be thorough!

Technical Merits!

When choosing a security company, it’s important to check the technical merit of the staff. Most noteworthy, ask about the individual training for each installer! Do the staff have the required skill sets to service a broad variety of systems types? Does the company have standard training policies in place? A common issue found today is the training provided to some employees, or sometimes the lack of. For this reason, many companies now outsource certain services where their own staff fall short? Consequently, you must ensure the company you’re hiring has all the right people! At Union Alarm, we service what we sell, and we outsource nothing!

Business Identification?

Importantly, check to see if they have industry credentials. Equally, do they dispatch corporate service vehicles? Are they clearly identified and marked with corporate branding? Are the employees and installers dressed in business attire? Do they each have valid Alarm Agent License issued within the city they operate in? Some companies have flashy websites but hire nothing more than sub contractors to complete the installations. Union Alarm employs only experienced technicians. Each one is a full time employee with background checks and clearance by local police agencies. They arrive in clearly marked Union Alarm service trucks and each have proper ID.

Business References!

Check the companies history with the better business bureau. Furthermore, ensure they have dealt with any open complaints or have a clear history. Any company being considered should have a clear and transparent reputation. It’s not enough today to look at the Internet and read a few online responses. Look deeper into the company ownership, ask to talk with senior people and measure their experience, friendliness, and the complete offering. Also, ask for references from their existing clients. Any reputable company should have a half dozen comparable clients for you to compare with.


Higher monitoring costs! Beware!

We have all seen alarm companies offering free security systems or gimmicks of free installation. Well, one thing in life is certain. That is to know that “nothing in this world is free”. Did you know many systems advertised as free are back end loaded with hidden costs for added equipment? Many include higher monthly monitoring fees built into the contract to offset those equipment costs. In fact, we’ve seen monthly costs that climb to staggering charges of $80 a month. All that for the additional devices chosen by unsuspecting home owners.

At Union Alarm, we’re proud to say that we do not play into these gimmicks. We sell our alarm systems outright at a nominal price. When combined with our low cost monitoring rates, our customer save thousands of dollars over a 3-4 year period. This is easy to see when you compare our costs to those of companies promoting free systems with hijacked monitoring rates. Do your due diligence and compare our rates versus our competitors. You’ll be thankful you didn’t sign for their system.

Free Alarm System Gimmick


Scrutinize all contracts

Alarm Contract

While reviewing contracts, carefully examine each document and “read the fine print”. Consequently, legal binding contracts can prevent the sale of a property if the system has a remaining balance or the alarm contract has a remaining term. Within many contracts, buying out the term can lead to costly and unforeseen charges…including hidden equipment buyouts. Often at times you can port the alarm contract to a new property. Some contracts will also allow the contract to be transferred or assumed by a new owner. In some cases the contract must be handled by the real estate contract or a lawyer. One thing is for certain…before signing any contracts, be sure to read it thoroughly and know what it means? If not, you could be in for a big surprise down the road.

Alarm Monitoring

Learn what each security company offers for alarm monitoring services. Ensure the company has their monitoring within a U.L.C. listed station. Each station would require full backup systems and facilities! The station then monitors your security system in the event of alarm. Learn the name and check out the station to see how they treat end users! Also, check to see if the station is local to your area. Many large companies now enlist the services of monitoring stations and call centers located overseas. This can lead to unforeseen delays when a timely response is needed. Accordingly, perform your due diligence, and read the fine print.

Security Proposals

If you have a security company you are comfortable with, then it’s time to request a proposal. First of all, request two or three quotes from licensed firms who provide written estimates with no obligation. Request a quote that breaks out individual costs for your review. Avoid companies who list the entire estimate as a bulk (lump sum) total. Many firms will shroud their pricing to obscure hidden costs, or added labor costs. As a result, you should ask for a full break down of the pricing and services each company offers. This allows you to properly compare pricing between companies. Also, beware of those asking for a deposit before the work begins, and do not provide upfront payments to any sales people.


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