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Medeco Locks Keys in Edmonton

Choosing Medeco Locks Keys

If you’re thinking of upgrading the locks at your commercial property, there’s no better time than right now. Step up the security at your commercial property with Medeco Locks Keys.

There’s no doubt about it: Medeco M3 Bixial Locks are the finest-made locks in the world. Union Alarm is a Medeco Authorized Dealer in Edmonton. We can install Medeco locks keys on your property and supply you with the following:

  • Mortise & Rim Cylinders for Businesses
  • System Series High-Security Padlocks
  • Maxum Deadbolt Locks (UL437 Listed)
  • KIK Lockset / Key in Lever Inserts
  • High-Security Keys. Restricted Program

Our experienced master locksmiths install Medeco M3 Biaxial master key systems, restricted key programs, and Medeco locks keys. Every Medeco High-Security biaxial M3 key is cut only for the registered key holder. Your security will never be compromised with these world-renowned Medeco locks keys.

Reasons to consider Medeco Locks Keys!

Who, What, When & Why – Q&A

Medeco locks meet all the criteria for high-security locks. You can use Medeco locks with any type of door for every type of commercial application, including government or industrial installations.

Give us a call, and one of our expert locksmiths can determine which type of lock is best for your use. We carry these locks in a variety of commercial finishes and styles, so you’re sure to find one that best suits your business.

Whenever you want to prevent unauthorized people from duplicating your keys, use these locks and keys! Only your assigned Medeco locksmith can cut Medeco Restricted Keys for you.

As the strongest physical locks on the market, Medeco locks are the best choice for any door. They’re nearly impossible to drill or pick open. Protect your business with these industry-leading locks.

Medeco Deadbolt Locks

The best lock ever made! Period!

Ask any of our master locksmiths, and they’ll tell you that Medeco makes the best deadbolt lock in the world. Medeco locks keys and their restricted key program have been patented since 1960 to prevent unauthorized duplication.

Medeco makes the best Deadbolt Lock in the world! And that is a simple fact.


Whenever you need to rekey a lock, it costs your business money. Medeco Restricted Keys are a cost-effective solution; with patented key control, only authorized users can create duplicate keys. Save time and money when you no longer need to change locks every other month.

We can create a Medeco Master Key System for your commercial property. You can manage access to sensitive areas with proper keying levels. At Union Alarm, we’re highly experienced in securing retail chains, manufacturing facilities, and commercial buildings with GGMK Master Key Systems. If you’re searching for retail security providers or looking for more information about our full line of Medeco services, give us a call.


Part of what makes Medeco keys so innovative is that they’re completely protected against unauthorized copying. Whenever you need to order more keys, stop by our shop! We use Biaxial key machines to cut Medeco Restricted Keys. If you want to save time on your pickup order, call your order in ahead of time, or ask about delivery!


Businesses need Medeco Locks!

Secure your business using Medeco Locks

Medeco Locks Keys feature high-security restricted keys, pick-resistant cylinders, and drill-resistant cores. They’re often used to secure areas like:

  • Commercial security gates
  • Tool lockers
  • Retail storage cabinets
  • Interior office doors
  • Glass and aluminum entrance doors
  • Perimeter doors
  • Admin offices & corridors

To keep your business safe, we use Medeco Padlocks, Cabinet Locks, and High-Security Deadbolt Locks.

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Trust Medeco, a market leader in locking systems and door hardware. At Union Alarm, our highly experienced locksmiths can bring your building security to the next level. Ready to protect your property with Medeco High Security Locks & Restricted Keys?
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