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Key Fobs – Access Cards Edmonton

High Security Key Fobs – Access Cards

These days, you need more than a traditional key and lock to secure your commercial properties. Most Edmonton business owners use a key fob – access cards to manage entry doors and secure sensitive areas.

At Union Alarm, we have years of experience installing, managing, and servicing access control systems; we understand them like no other security company.

Our technicians specialize in:

  • Supplying local business owners with HID proximity key fobs – access cards, and electronic credentials.
  • Different formats, including high encryption RFID, 26-bit cards, 36-bit fobs, and 40-bit structures to name but a few.
  • We keep stock of the major brands and supply proximity key fobs – access cards for most card access systems. When you need cards or fobs right away, we’ve got you covered.

Curious about our inventory? We carry key fobs – access cards from Kantech ioProx, ICT, HID Prox Cards, RFID Tags, Keyscan Cards, and Bluetooth mobile credentials. Your employees can then access doors and elevators using their smartphones.

With an access control system, it’s easy to manage the security of your facility. At Union Alarm, we aim to make the process convenient, cost-effective, and simple to understand. We’ll set you up with the right formats for your commercial property. If you’re looking for a quote on key fobs – access cards, contact us today!


History of Key Fobs – Access Cards.

Interesting Facts

When card and key fob systems were first developed, manufacturers made swipe key cards with a magnetic strip. Users would swipe the card through a magnetic door lock to gain entry. But this technology had its limitations; cards had a high wear rate, offered low security, and were inconvenient.

These shortcomings led to the development of contactless proximity technology; now, cards and fobs do not need physical contact with the reader to unlock doors.

The reader itself emits a short-range RF field. When the user places the proximity card in a range of that field, the reader activates an integrated chip within the access card.

Then, that chip transmits a code to the reader. Once the reader authorizes the card, it sends a signal to the electrified lock that opens the door. In addition, the system tracks the details of which user opened the door (including the timestamp).

A key fob or card won’t do much to protect your business if it’s easily duplicated. This was exactly the problem with older access cards, which used a simple 26-bit structure. Now, encrypted cards and RFID technologies are used to prevent this issue.

At Union Alarm, we install secure formats with encrypted signatures that cannot be duplicated. Other technologies include Bluetooth mobile credentials and MIFARE contactless smartcards.

HID Proximity Card Technology

Proximity Cards & Credentials

The ProxCard II features universal compatibility with all HID proximity card readers; this makes it easy to integrate into your existing access control system. The ProxCard III features a consistent read range and durable packaging; it’s easy to see why it’s the industry choice for a cost-effective access control system.

For a more durable solution, consider the ProxKey III; this pocket-sized key fob offers proximity technology in harsh environments. You can attach it to a lanyard, badge clip, or key ring.

Proximity Key Fobs – Access Cards from ICT:

Cards and tags from ICT are designed for the 125kHz and MIFARE DESFire product range. Multiple technology cards combine high and low-frequency technology into one card.

What’s the difference between a 125kHz card and a 13.56MHz card? It has to do with how the data is transmitted, the card structure, security, and the card read range.

Learn more about ICT credentials by contacting Union Alarm in Edmonton.

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Union Alarm has been our security provider for many years. They installed our access & security system and they supply us with additional key fobs and access cards whenever the need arises. Their team is professional,helpful and importantly, always available when needed. I highly recommend them. | Card Access, Intrusion & Monitoring

Tricia D.


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