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At Union Alarm, we’re quite proud of our accomplishments, and this includes our history in the Calgary business community. Our team is led by the company’s founder (Graeme Browne) and our general manager (Peter Gallant). Together, these principle partners have successfully led our company operations since 2004, while each now demonstrate some 35+ years of experience as Certified Master Technicians. That in itself – is no small feat!

Respectively, we are ranked as one of Calgary’s best alarm companies. While also known to be a leading security integration firm, we are unique in the respect that we service everything from electronic security systems to the mechanical locking hardware that keeps your doors “secured”. This means we pull the cabling and install the control panels, but it doesn’t stop there. We further install “all” related door hardware! This includes electronic card readers, mag locks & electrified door strikes, as well as exit control hardware to meet life safety codes and comply with Alberta building standards.

“To be honest, we’re esteemed professionals in our field. Interested in delving deeper into corporate security and safeguarding your business with cutting-edge electronic security systems? Check out our blog, where we’ve penned several articles to pass on the wealth of expertise we’ve accumulated over time.”

  • Together, our team offers more than 85+ years of industry expertise!

  • We specialize with integrated security systems and advanced electronic security solutions.

  • With our head office located in Calgary, we service the entire Province of Alberta!

Add to that, a new branch opening in Edmonton for the spring of 2023, and it’s clear to see we have our sights set on business-to-business development throughout Alberta.

In summary, our skillsets are vast, our leadership ~ is bold, and our commitment to service ~ is unparalleled.

Union Alarm

Union Alarm – It’s our team that truly makes us great!


Graeme Browne, CPL/CJL

As our principle owner and founder, Graeme Browne brings a wealth of trade skill and industry certifications to our company. Being an expert alarm technician and access control specialist, Graeme is further certified as a Alberta Journeyman Technician with more than 30 years industry experience. In addition, he proudly retains a CPL designation as a Certified Professional Locksmith.

Getting his industry start back in the 80’s, Graeme has gone on to become one of the top security specialists in Western Canada. Having also worked for some of the largest security firms in the world, he carries impeccable credentials including a wealth of experience in professional sales & business management. Now focused on growth & development, Graeme is often working behind the scenes at Union Alarm. At least…that’s what he tells us?

One of the knowledge guru’s at Union Alarm!

Peter Gallant, CML

A general manager and co-founder, Peter Gallant is a 30+ year master technician who brings a heavy skillset to the company. Highly respected in the industry, Peter has designed and implemented some of the largest security systems in Calgary. His knowledge of electronic circuits, logic control and systems design is world class in all respects. In addition, Peter retains a CML designation as a Certified Master Locksmith.

While specializing in security systems integration, Peter is fluid in everything from basic alarm systems, to enterprise level platforms. This includes a wealth of knowledge with card access control systems, integration of network based solutions, and large video surveillance systems. Customers love him, and a couple have tried to adopt him! Seriously!

One of the propeller heads at Union Alarm!



Keith Brillon

Being an important piece of the puzzle at Union Alarm, Keith Brillon is one of our senior technicians. While having a background in woodworking, Keith has advanced to become our lead installer of commercial door hardware, electrified locks and commercial security systems. His attention to detail is exact, and his finishing skills are highly advanced.

He’s also skilled in aerial lift work, advanced with all cabling disciplines, and has mastered the installation of network based security cameras and IP surveillance platforms. Keith heads up most of our large projects and CCTV installations. Having spent a dozen years installing advanced security systems…he’s definitely mastered the sport of the safety harness! (lol)

One of the leading high wire acts at Union Alarm!

Christine Browne

As a partner and co-founder, Christine Browne brings a wealth of H/R experience and design skills to the company. While being responsible for our website design and platform development, she heads up major initiatives with our marketing campaigns, SEO development and strategic growth. Christine has a background in website development for a major oil & gas firm while also developing an intranet platform for their H/R team.

She’s an integral part of the management here at Union Alarm, and she’s part of the fabric that keeps us glued together. In addition, she’s responsible for all employment contracts, monitoring contracts, and all service contracts under Union Alarm. Did I mention she holds signing authority when it comes to any unsanctioned spending? It’s true!

One of the controlling forces at Union Alarm!


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In brief, we are experts with commercial security systems, ULC certified Burg installations and integrated security platforms that protect various commercial businesses in Calgary!

Being a respected security integration company, we specialize in the service and installation of card access control systems, electronic locks, and enterprise-class security installations.

Union Alarm. We’re considered masters with commercial surveillance systems, This includes numerous installations of high definition IP cameras & network video recorders.


Customer Testimonials

Recently, we had a security system installed with Union Alarm for our two Calgary facilities. We needed electronic locks and electronic keypad entry to provide card access control within our two sites – a new security measurement we’ve added to control sensitive areas. Throughout the entire process, the company representatives came off as knowledgeable about the entire process and were very professional. Overall, excellent services! | Card Access Control
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