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Medeco Locks Calgary

Choosing Medeco Locks

Choosing Medeco locks to secure your entrance doors should be of paramount consideration! In fact, now is the perfect time to upgrade your home or office to include Medeco High Security Keys. As a Medeco Authorized Dealer in Calgary, Union Alarm has Alberta Journeyman Locksmiths to perform your Medeco lock installation and supply you with;

  • Maxum Deadbolt Locks (UL437 Listed) Medeco M3 Biaxial
  • KIK Lockset / Key in Lever Inserts – Medeco M3 Biaxial
  • Mortise & Rim Cylinders for Businesses – Medeco M3 Biaxial
  • System Series High-Security Padlocks – Medeco M3 Biaxial
  • High-Security Keys. Restricted Program -Medeco M3 Biaxial

With over thirty years of experience as master locksmiths in Calgary, we’re highly skilled with the installation of Medeco high-security locks, master key systems and restricted key programs from Medeco. In fact, we’ll tell you straight up that Medeco locks are the finest made locks in the world!

In addition, Medeco High-Security Keys are only cut for the registered key holder, and only by a Medeco Locksmith. This ensures the integrity of your Medeco Key’s are never compromised.

High-Security Locks from Medeco


Reasons to consider Medeco Locks!

Who, What, When & Why – Q&A

Simply said, Medeco High-Security Locks will benefit just about everyone! In fact, Medeco Locks will protect the doors of your home, help secure your business, and a Medeco Restricted Key System will help control your keys through a restricted key program.

Furthermore, Medeco locks will protect any type of door, in almost any application.

When it comes to high-security locks in Calgary, trust the professionals at Union Alarm. We have master locksmiths who will always recommend the right type of Medeco Locks to use.

We know our Medeco products well, and we know their applications. Furthermore, we stock residential and commercial-class deadbolt locks, decorative entrance sets, and a full line of commercial finishes for use in business and office applications.

Restricted keys should always be used! Having a restricted key system with Biaxial Keys from Medeco ensures your keys cannot be duplicated without your written consent.

Furthermore, the restricted keys are registered directly to you, and keys can only be cut by the assigned Medeco locksmith who originally installed your high-security locks! This prevents unauthorized duplication!

First, there is no reason not to? Medeco locks are one of the strongest physical locks available in the world today. Their locks will strengthen and further protect your doors, and they are virtually impossible for anyone to pick or drill open.

As a professional locksmith of 35 plus years, I use Medeco Locks to protect both my home & business.


Medeco Deadbolt Locks

The best lock ever made! Period!

As a Certified Journeyman & Professional Locksmith of 35+ years, I can share with you that Medeco High-Security Locks are the finest security locks ever made!

Patent protected since the 1960s, Medeco offers the best high security keys and restricted key program ever developed.

Furthermore, I will tell you that Medeco Locks remain the world leader in high-security locks. Used in residential and commercial applications, the product line has evolved over the years. That aside, one thing remains constant:

Medeco makes the best Deadbolt Lock in the world! And that would be a fact.

Graeme Browne, CPL.CJL
Union Alarm – Calgary


Eliminate costly rekeys by installing Medeco Restricted Keys. With patented key control, it ensures only authorized users can have duplicate keys made.  Also, it reduces the cost and frequency of changing locks. In addition, Union Alarm can prepare a Medeco Master Key System for your building.

As a result, this allows you to control access through restricted areas using proper keying levels. We are experts with GGMK Master Key Systems for large commercial buildings and retail chain stores. Call for details on our full line of Medeco Services. We proudly offer these services in addition to our monitored alarm protection, and card access control systems.


Union Alarm offers instant local access to Medeco³ keys with protection from unauthorized copying. Customers who purchased Medeco³ locks from Union Alarm can simply return to our shop to order additional keys.

With your signature card on file, we then record your keys into our system and cut Medeco Restricted Keys on our Biaxial key machines. Customers can also call orders into our office to save time on pickups. We also deliver keys for added convenience.


Businesses need Medeco Locks!

Secure your business using Medeco Locks

Businesses in Alberta trust Medeco High-Security Locks from Union Alarm. With that being said, Medeco Locks are designed to secure glass and aluminum entrance doors, interior office doors, and commercial security gates. Features include pick-resistant cylinders, drill resistant cores, and high-security restricted keys.

In addition, we secure retail storage cabinets, tool lockers, and gates using Medeco Padlocks and Cabinet Locks. Finally, we secure admin offices and corridors using high-security lockset cylinders for commercial door locks and lever sets. In addition, we can install Medeco High-Security deadbolt locks to secure your perimeter doors.

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