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Alarm monitoring in Calgary is just the beginning. At Union Alarm, we follow up on our services with security system monitoring in a ULC Listed Central Station. As a result, we provide a variety of ULC monitoring options to suit your specific requirements. In particular, this includes;

  • 24-hour business alarm monitoring and fire alarm monitoring, home alarm monitoring, and video camera monitoring.
  • We also provide video verification for customers who require alarm verification prior to dispatching police agencies.

Home & Business Alarm Monitoring Calgary from $24.00 per month

By connecting your security system to our central station, we ensure the right action is taken quickly! In the event of a dispatch, know that we custom tailor each monitored alarm response. Therefore, we contact your approved key holders, guard companies, or your local Police agency.

Call and talk with our team. We’d like to become your service provider, and we’d be proud to monitor your security system in Calgary!

ULC Alarm Monitoring

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Frequently Asked Questions

Security System Monitoring – Q&A

Yes, we do! In fact, Union Alarm specializes in ULC fire monitoring and commercial alarm monitoring for companies across Alberta. This includes ULC monitoring of office buildings, and fire alarm system monitoring for large commercial facilities.

In Canada, we provide ULC certificates in accordance with ULC fire alarm monitoring Calgary. This signifies that your building has been certified and adheres to local and municipal building & safety codes. Call to learn more about certified fire alarm monitoring.

Yes! The City of Calgary requires a valid alarm permit application for each monitored alarm system in Calgary.

While alarm monitoring allows our central station to advise you of important alarm conditions, a monitored alarm also enlists police & emergency services to quickly respond to important signals. Home and business alarm monitoring in Calgary requires an up-to-date alarm permit.

Yes, we can! In many cases, our Calgary customers have an existing alarm system installed within their home or business. Suffice to say, we provide office alarm monitoring and burglar alarm monitoring for all types of home alarm systems, regardless of the brand.

Furthermore, we can furnish home alarm monitoring even if your system was previously disconnected. Finally, know that Union Alarm performs ULC monitoring in our Calgary based central station. Home alarm monitoring Calgary is available from $24.00 per month.

ULC Monitoring


Fire Alarm Monitoring

ULC Listed Alarm Monitoring

At Union Alarm, we provide CAN/ULC S302-14 listed burglar alarm monitoring and CAN/ULC S561-13 fire monitoring. This is used when compliance is required for Insurers and Building Codes. As a result, Union Alarm is a ULC listed and certified Calgary alarm company.

This allows our company to give you the most complete burglary and business alarm monitoring protection possible.

Notably, ULC Burglary and Fire Alarm System certificate programs are available to identify code complying Security and Fire Alarm Monitoring. Furthermore, we specialize in ULC monitoring for banks and credit unions who require specialized Vault & ATM protection.

All ULC installations receive a ULC Certificate of Compliance as issued by Union Alarm!

We are the #1 choice for ULC monitoring in Calgary.


First, always perform your proper due diligence when looking for security system monitoring or signing new contracts.  Certainly, read the fine print in each contract, and if you’re not sure what it implies, don’t sign it. In saying that, many alarm companies are notorious for locking clients into legally binding contracts.

This includes major telephone companies who are now buying up alarm companies to gain recurring revenue streams through monitoring. At Union Alarm, our contracts are clear, simple and transparent. In terms of pricing, we are upfront with our rates and we protect your rate within the length and term of the contract.