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Bank Alarm Systems – Calgary

ULC Listed Financial Protection

Securing your Bank, Financial Institution or Credit Union with ULC Listed Bank Alarm Systems necessitates selecting a reliable provider. Union Alarm stands as that trusted choice, backed by 35 years of experience serving all sectors of the banking industry. We deliver and maintain the essential infrastructure you require, guiding you through every stage to ensure a professionally designed and integrated security system safeguards your staff and assets.

As an approved alarm company for bank alarm systems and ULC financial protection in Canada, Union Alarm offers certified security systems designed to mitigate risks of robbery, fraud, and theft. Being a listed ULC certified partner, we:

  • Union Alarm is entrusted with securing numerous Banks & Credit Unions across Alberta. We specialize in servicing and installing CAN/ULC-S302-14 listed bank alarm systems. Additionally, we install the necessary listed device hardware to upkeep vault alarms and ATM alarm systems in Canada.
  • Moreover, we ensure the security and monitoring of all cash dispensers and cash recycling units, fully equipped with ULC certificates.

As a certified ULC partner, we focus on monitoring ULC financial institutions, adhering strictly to CAN/ULC-S301-09 guidelines. Additionally, we deploy high-security communication devices to safeguard and monitor signals from alarm panels installed under ULC standards. In addition, we are approved by CUDGC and listed with CUMIS as a recognized security vendor in Canada.

From advanced intrusion solutions to integrated card access control and digital CCTV cameras, Union Alarm stands as the preferred choice for Banks and Credit Unions throughout western Canada.

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ULC Listed Financial Protection


Frequently Asked Questions

Bank Alarm Systems – Q&A

Certainly! Without a doubt, we possess the capability to address this. In banks or credit unions, it’s common for the building to be equipped with an older Tyco, ADT, or Chubb alarm system. Be assured, we provide servicing for all brands of bank alarm systems, regardless of the original installation company. Moreover, we can handle your ATM alarm service requirements and enhance your vault protection concurrently.

In the Calgary & Edmonton regions, numerous Chubb and ADT alarm systems may utilize a platform that is no longer supported. Nonetheless, we can address these systems and reprogram your bank’s alarm system to be monitored in our ULC listed station. We also offer the option to modernize your current platforms with new products from ICT. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for further details!

Absolutely! We cater to all Banks & Credit Unions without exception! In fact, when it comes to bank security in western Canada, there’s no superior option. Our services extend to independent Credit Unions in rural communities, as well as large institutions located in many major metropolitan centers.

This encompasses both local and remote branch locations, ATM machines, regional office buildings, banks, and cash sorting facilities. Our team of experts collaborates with most major Banks and Credit Unions across the west. Specializing in Financial Security Systems is our forte!

Absolutely, we offer ULC listed security systems from ICT, and we are equipped to install card access control systems to enhance security at any branch location! In fact, our expertise lies in access systems that seamlessly integrate with financial security systems and enterprise-level intrusion detection.

This encompasses the installation of proximity card readers and electric strikes to manage and release doors upon presentation of a card or fob. Moreover, our software-controlled systems enable you to oversee branch locations from central administration offices via a secure IP Network. Contact us today to delve into further details.


Bank Alarm System for Credit Unions

Banking Security from Union Alarm

If you are anything like us, you value your people as your most precious assets. Intrusion detection is all about protecting your people and securing bank assets. Detecting theft and raising the alarm is the easy bit. Making intrusion detection simple, smart and convenient is what we do best.

With ProtegeGX, using functions such as Double Badge Arming, Auto Disarm on Entry and Schedule Arming, intrusion detection can be easily integrated with an access control system.

Integrated Intrusion Detection and Access Control

All of ICT’s Protege platforms include Intrusion Detection and Access Control right out of the box. Not only is this a more cost-effective option than two disparate systems from an installation point of view, but integrating the two can result in a system that is simpler to use.

LCD Alarm Keypads from ICT:

ICT’s keypad range provides a user-friendly human interface to the Protege integrated access control, security and bank alarm systems. LCD Keypads are used for a variety of functions within the Protege system and are typically located near an entrance door or secure room to allow areas within the system to be armed and disarmed independently.

LCD keypads for bank alarm systems. The ultimate in flexability!

ULC Certification for Bank Alarm Systems

Listed alarm companies may only issue ULC Certificates for bank alarm systems which have been installed and are being monitored in accordance with the requirements contained in CAN/ULC-S302-14 and CAN/ULC-S301-09, and for which there are active service contracts between the alarm installing company, the signal receiving centre, and the subscriber.

ULC Burglar Alarm Certificates may be issued in conjunction with a ULC listed shared service signal receiving centre for bank alarm systems, which have been installed, and are being serviced and maintained, in accordance with the current requirements of Underwriters Laboratories of Canada and the Standard for the Installation, Inspection and Testing of Intrusion Alarm Systems, CAN/ULCS302-14.

Service and maintenance shall be carried out by employees of the alarm company.

Maintenance Contracts of ULC Bank Alarms.

Each certificated burglar alarm system shall be maintained, tested and inspected under contract by the alarm company in accordance with the current requirements of Underwriters Laboratories of Canada and the Standard for the Installation, Inspection and Testing of Intrusion Alarm Systems, CAN/ULC-S302-14.

Annual Field Inspections by ULC Representatives

Inspections and tests of representative installations in the field are made to determine the correctness of installation of protective devices and wiring, quality of workmanship, operability of circuits and maintenance.

Customer Testimonials


If you’re looking for a security company, Union Alarm is the one to deal with. As a financial institution, security is of the utmost importance to Mountain View Financial. As a result, we utilize their CCTV cameras and bank alarm systems in many locations. In addition, we have found their level of service to be excellent.  | Integrated Security & Video Surveillance

Mountainview FinancialFinancial Institution / Alberta