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Fire Alarm Systems in Calgary & Edmonton

ULC Listed & Certified

As a ULC Fire Alarm Company, Union Alarm is listed as one of the top commercial fire alarm companies in western Canada. Indeed being ULC certified in protective signaling, we perform ULC certified installations throughout the Calgary & Edmonton regions.

  • In general, Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) require a ULC certificate for a fire alarm system with ULC monitoring. That is to say, any building equipped with a listed fire annunciator panel will require ULC monitoring with each installation being certificated.
  • ULC’s certificate program provides AHJs, insurance bodies, and building code inspectors with a reliable way to identify code compliance of fire alarms. At the same time, the program takes the ULC mark and places it on the installation in the form of a certificate.

In this case, the installed alarm hardware requires its own ULC listing, as well as current labeling. Furthermore, the monitoring station requires listing and certification before they can receive alarm signals from the fire panel. Signals are sent to the station with dual-path redundancy.

Union Alarm is listed and certified as a commercial fire alarm company in Calgary & Edmonton. Our trained and certified technicians perform ULC installations with listed fire alarm systems from DSC Fire Alarm, Honeywell Fire Alarm, and our partners at ICT Solutions.

Commercial Fire Alarm


Frequently Asked Question

Fire Alarm Systems & Monitoring – Q&A

Yes, we do! For example, many Calgary office buildings have an existing ADT or Chubb fire alarm system in place. Not only do we service those fire alarm systems, but we can monitor the fire alarm panel regardless of the company that installed it. Furthermore, we can upgrade your fire alarm panel even if it’s out of date.

In Calgary, many Chubb fire alarm systems will require some updating of the older equipment. Union Alarm can re-certify your system and reprogram your fire alarm system for monitoring within our central station.

Once we install a Fire Alarm System, it requires testing & certification. Upon passing all test criteria, Union Alarm issues a registered ULC Certificate. It signals compliance with the required Municipal/Government agencies and Authorities Having Jurisdiction.

This includes the City of Calgary, Calgary Fire Department, and the Alberta Building Codes. In addition, certificates require a 5-year service contract. This ensures ongoing annual maintenance and keeps the Fire Alarm System current.

Costs of a fire alarm system will depend upon it protecting a new or existing building. In some cases, we can take over an existing fire alarm system. In other applications, we install and certify a new system prior to the issuance of an installation certificate.

Construction of new buildings is rather straight forward. The site will require compliance items such as power, telco lines and electrical conduits. We then install the Fire Alarm System complete with a secondary path of communication. Call us to learn more.


ULC Listed Fire Alarm Systems

Protect Your Apartment & Commercial Buildings

When it comes to life safety issues, seconds count. Alarm signals are sent fast, secure and detailed when fire events emerge on the system. This reduces the time from fire detection to an on-site response from your local fire station.

By choosing DSC’s new HS32-512HC fire signalling system for the installation and monitoring of your Fire Alarm Signals, you have the assurance of prompt intervention at your premises, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The cellular kit meets the requirements of CAN/ULC-S561 Standard for Fire Monitoring applications. It can help to provide sufficient warning so that occupants can evacuate safely as well as protect buildings and their contents.

With ULC installations and services available in Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Lethbridge, and Medicine Hat, DSC Fire Alarm Systems are available at Union Alarm.

ULC Certificated Fire Alarm

Certificated alarm systems require maintenance under the care and inspection service of the issuing alarm service company. A ULC Certificate indicates that the installation has been inspected, tested and is currently maintained by the Listed alarm service company.

While it’s important that the installation companies are listed, it is even more important to request that an individual system be certificated and subject to ULC’s annual inspection process to assure code compliance.

ULC Fire Systems are installed and monitored across Alberta by Union Alarm.

Customer Testimonials


Upon searching for a professional alarm company that could provide card access control, alarm systems, and ULC fire alarm monitoring in Calgary, we contacted Union Alarm. After explaining our situation, their representatives were quick to attend our facility, reviewed our list of requirements and followed up with a written proposal. Since then, their team has returned to install a ULC Fire Alarm System and they now monitor our building security in Calgary. We are very pleased with the service and installation we have received from Union Alarm. | Monitored Fire Alarm System

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