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Electronic Door Locks in Calgary

Choosing the right Electronic Lock

When you need electronic door locks, know that door lock selection is a job best performed by an expert locksmith! With that being said, you can put your trust in the pros at Union Alarm. With over 30 years of experience installing electric strikes and mag lock systems, we can help you choose the right product for your application.

  • Know that we stock electronic strikes and magnetic locks right here in Calgary. In fact, we also install electronic door locks, gate systems and egress delay systems to secure perimeter doors and entrance gates.
  • Need professional installation? We can service or install electronic door locks and mag locks to protect your facilities. Also, we promote major brands including RCI, Securitron, and Folger Adams.

As a result of your business being protected by Union Alarm, we ensure that all electro-mechanical locks are installed as per building code and also meet with local fire codes. To further demonstrate our expertise with electronic door locks, the owners of Union Alarm are certified master locksmiths and we are very well versed in NFPA life safety codes.

Our installation work is masterful, and we understand the functionality of electronic hardware as it relates to your business operations. In addition to hard-wired installations, we also have a full line of wireless electronic door locks from Dorma Kaba, Allegion Schlage, and others.

Mag Lock Installation


Mag Lock vs Electric Strike

Electronic Door Locks. What’s the difference?

Mag Locks! Used in many businesses, they are best suited for use with card access control systems in which in/out reader control is required. They can also be mounted on the perimeter door to provide added security over that of an electric strike. This provides additional protection but comes with its own set of rules.

In fact, an Alberta, you cannot have battery backup power connected to magnetic locks. They must release in the event of a fire, or power failure. Furthermore, mag locks require egress buttons and exit controls so that the public can exit the building without special knowledge being required.

Yes! An electric strike can provide adequate holding force to protect an interior or exterior door, provided it is installed correctly. When it comes to product selection, we will often recommend the heavier Grade-1 electronic strike when used to protect an exterior door.

In addition, we suggest the use of a Grade-1 cylindrical lockset or lever set with a heavier 3/4″ deadlatch. When correctly installed, this provides excellent strength and reduces the need for an external blocker plate.

Yes! Many brands of electronic locks use specific power supplies. In most cases, electronic locks are manufactured to operate with 12 VDC or 24 VAC low voltages. Some electrified exit devices will specify high current power supplies to handle higher device inrush power.

We carry host power supplies in stock, and we also install RCI 10-series power supplies with fire disconnect relays for use with maglocks and fail-safe electric strikes.

Electronic Locks for Glass Doors

No frame…No worries.

Today’s architectural designs often include requirements for card readers, electrified door hardware and electronic locks. Commercial office towers are one example where doors are often full-height glass and are designed with or without top/bottom rails.

In many of these applications, we install mag locks with glass installation kits, z-brackets and header support. You can also opt for the glazing company to pre-install CR Lawrence architectural locking hardware that offers modern styling elements.

The modern electronic locks can be controlled by electronic card readers and access card systems. We then install electric strikes within the headers of the door frames to conceal the electronic locks. Quiet in their operation, this is now becoming the choice of today’s Calgary based designers.

Shown here is one of our recent installations with Folger Adam electric strikes.

Door Strikes, Mag Locks & Egress Buttons:

Notably,  Union Alarm has experienced locksmiths to install all types of electronic door locks. In addition to electrified locks, we supply and install low voltage power supplies, maglocks, electronic gate locks, and egress control devices including exit request buttons and emergency pull stations for release of maglocks.

Many of these egress control switches are also required under Federal and Provincial building codes, and we ensure our installations adhere to all codes and procedures. Professional installations is what we are known for. Call us today for a free written estimate!

Customer Testimonials


We have been clients of Union Alarm since 2015. They installed our commercial security systems and electronic locks, and have always treated us with professionalism and courtesy. They respond very quickly when we contact them with any concerns or issues. | Integrated Security & Electronic Locks

Debbie Bootland

Peak Housing Solution / Airdrie