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Card Reader Systems – Calgary

Choosing Electronic Card Reader Systems

Selecting the appropriate card reader systems and the most suitable card format for your access control system is crucial for your building’s security! Union Alarm advocates for high-security card formatting to ensure access cards feature advanced encryption coding. Alongside our range of card reader systems, we take pride in offering…

  • World-renowned brands including ICT, Assa Abloy, and HID just to name a few. These are the premier manufacturers of access cards, card scanner technologies, and related credentials.
  • Credentials such as Mifare, Desfire, G-Prox, and iClass 125 kHz technologies which are found in today’s access control systems. This includes the technologies used in many HID access control products.

Moreover, contemporary card reader systems may incorporate advanced features such as fingerprint scanners, biometric readers, or retina scanners provided by reputable companies like Gallagher and HID Global. The era of antiquated card swipe technologies and basic 26-bit proximity cards is over!

Today’s high-security readers are equipped with robust encryption formatting and often come with integrated Bluetooth capabilities. Alongside proximity card technologies, we specialize in installing fingerprint readers and biometric scanners for securing high-risk environments like laboratories and server rooms.

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ICT Proximity Based Card Readers


Card Reader Systems for Offices & Business

Proximity Card Reader – Q&A

Yes, we can! It’s known that many Calgary businesses have Kantech card reader systems installed within their office. Not only do we service Kantech ioProx card readers, but we further service most major card reader systems. Also, we can service your card reader system even if the software is out of date.

In Calgary, many card reader systems utilize a standard 26-bit format. Beyond that type of card reader being out of date, know that we can upgrade your entrance control system to include modern encryption with a simple reader change. Contact us for a quote today.

Yes. Absolutely! When it comes to card reader service in Calgary, there’s nobody better than Union Alarm. First, know we can upgrade any access control system by changing the proximity card readers to newer and more secure technologies.

Second, we can upgrade your access cards and key fobs to include higher encryption coding. As a result, this ensures your cards and fobs are never duplicated. Finally, we can add high-security products including Biometric readers for all of your sensitive areas.

Yes! In fact, many of our modern card readers include Bluetooth ® technology in addition to proximity features. In particular, our ICT card readers come standard with Bluetooth encoding built into every card reader.

Upon installation, we issue a credential license for each Bluetooth enabled device used within the card reader system. Consequently, this allows the user their mobile device for entry through any controlled access points including elevator control.

Card Readers – tSec from ICT

RFID Card Technology

Sleek and stylish, and with a range of optional features, tSec RFID readers have a solution for everyone. They are available in three sizes, multiple card capabilities, and with an optional keypad. You even have a choice of black or white to select the model that suits your decor.

Equipped with Bluetooth, our latest tSec readers can be used in conjunction with the Protege Mobile App and ICT Mobile Credentials. This enables doors to be unlocked using a smartphone for maximum convenience.

Union Alarm carries all available card scanner formats including;

  • Proximity format
  • RFID card format
  • Biometric format
  • Fingerprint format

Card Reader Systems & Multi-Card Technology:

Available with either 125kHz proximity or 13.56MHz smart card capability or as a multi-technology reader that combines both capabilities in a single unit, the tSec range delivers maximum compatibility while providing a path forward to the latest technology.

The Multi-Technology Reader is ideal for organizations that wish to transition to smart technology at their own pace, as it means they don’t need to replace all their cards upfront. The IP65 environmental rating provides a high degree of protection from the elements, making the tSec Reader suitable for harsh environments. Readers can be mounted indoors or outdoors, located anywhere from the parkade door or car park gate to the office door.

Learn more about ICT Card Reader Systems at Union Alarm in Calgary.

Card Access Reader Types

Proximity Card Readers

Also known as a swipe pad or prox reader, this device is where users present their proximity/RFID access cards, key fobs or credentials. They’re normally located on the outside of an entrance door, but can also be used from the inside when in/out readers are present. When an authorized fob or credential is presented, the card reader systems will scan the magnetic/RFID field and sends that information to the ACU (door controller) for authentication. If a card or token is valid, the ACU then releases the electronically controlled door. This happens in a millisecond!

Integrated Keypad Readers

An access control keypad can also be integrated into a proximity-based card reader. This enables the system to incorporate a numeric code to be used as an employee credential, or it can further enable card-plus-pin where an employee first presents a valid card or credential, then enters a personal code before the door will release. These features can be enabled to provide additional security after business hours or to secure highly sensitive areas like laboratories, admin corridors, and IT areas.


Customer Testimonials


“Our organization has contracted Union Alarm, for over five years. Consequently, I can say that I am very impressed and happy with their staff, workmanship and service levels.  Union Alarm has also supplied us with access cards since they installed our card access systems, always keeping in mind our charitable budget. After sales service is top notch and we are never forgotten after the job has been completed.” | Integrated Card Access & Network Cameras

Brenda Baber / Executive Director

The Kahanoff CentreCharitable Foundation / Calgary