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Choosing a Network Video Recorder

Choosing a network video recorder is an important decision. With over 30 years of experience in commercial camera systems and 20 years working with digital video recorders and video surveillance systems, Union Alarm provides professional solutions.

  • Know that Union Alarm stocks a variety of video recorders including Hybrid units;
  • Hybrid NVR’s allow you to record older analog cameras and gradually upgrade.
  • We stock DVR & NVR video recorders in 4, 8, 16 and 32 channel configuration.
  • Our veteran staff includes video specialists & experienced network professionals.

With many of our clients having older systems with analog cameras, we suggest upgrading to a hybrid video recorder. This allows you to keep your analog cameras that are already in place while gradually upgrading to the latest IP cameras. A balanced approach with a lower cost of ownership.

That being said, we provide IP based solutions with network video recorders from Bosch, HIK Vision, Exacqvision and March Networks to name a few. Furthermore, we provide managed network switches and POE distribution for networked connections of high definition IP cameras.

4 to 32 Channel NVR’s


Frequently Asked Questions

Video Surveillance System – Q&A

Which is best? Analog camera systems connect using traditional CCTV cameras (now outdated). The video stream is sent over coax cabling to a DVR unit where it’s processed before being recorded. The format also requires large storage drives for video retention.

On the other hand, IP camera systems are network-based solutions. The security camera itself encodes the video signal before sending it over the network to be stored onto network-based NVR units. In addition to the higher definition, files are better compressed to reduce overall storage requirements.

In principle, DVR’s and NVR’s are similar in which both record live video. DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, whereas NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. The difference is how they process data. For example, DVR’s receive a raw video stream and then process the data internally using capture cards.

NVR units receive compressed data that has already been encoded by an IP camera. Without needing to process the video, the NVR now becomes a network storage device for hosting & playback.

If your surveillance system currently includes older analog cameras, your next upgrade will transition your system into IP cameras. At the same time, you will also need to upgrade your recording platform in order to connect new cameras.

Rather than discard your old system altogether, a Hybrid NVR allows you to keep your old cameras in use while adding newer HD cameras onto your system. Fewer upfront costs and a lower total cost of ownership!

Hybrid Network Video Recorders

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Find out why some of the world’s largest organizations have made the switch to high-performance Hybrid Network Video Recorders. Built for rock-solid reliability and available in 32, 16, 8 and 4-channel models, these video recorders make it easier for organizations to migrate from analog to high-definition IP video on a single recording platform.

With storage starting from 2TB, our systems can handle up to 3PB of storage!

By installing a Hybrid NVR, you can also add high-definition security cameras to your facilities and upgrade at a controlled pace. Furthermore, this promotes lower costs of ownership while keeping select analog cameras that are already in place. It then allows you to add newer IP cameras without the large upfront conversion costs to transition over to IP all at once.

Contact Union Alarm to examine our Hybrid Video Recorders.

Bosch – Divar network and hybrid recording solutions

Bosch’s DIVAR network 2000 and 3000 series and the DIVAR hybrid 3000 are primarily standalone network video recorder solutions for businesses with one location, such as independent retailers, convenience stores or medium-sized hotels.

Next, the DIVAR network 5000 and DIVAR hybrid 5000 models are designed to be easily mounted in a 19” rack, making them suitable for medium-sized businesses, banks and financial institutions and chains stores that prefer hidden installations in a separate server room or another suitable location.

Indeed, the DIVAR network and hybrid recording solutions help to construct future-proof IP video surveillance systems for small and medium businesses. Furthermore, they allow you to shift to a full IP video surveillance system, or slowly expand one.

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They did an excellent job at our Calgary warehouse! Working to make sure that we felt secure in our work space was their first priority and it showed in the results!

We highly recommend them to anyone in the Calgary area that is looking to get a security system set up or revamped! | Security System & Monitoring

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