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Best NVR Solution for Office & Business Use

Selecting a network video recorder (NVR) holds significant importance to your business. With over three decades of expertise in commercial camera systems and two decades dedicated to digital video recorders and video surveillance systems, Union Alarm offers professional-grade solutions for offices and businesses.

  • Rest assured, Union Alarm offers a diverse range of network video recorders, including Hybrid units.
  • Hybrid NVRs enable the recording of older analog cameras while allowing for gradual upgrades IP based Cameras.
  • Our inventory comprises DVR and NVR network video recorders available in configurations of 4, 8, 16, and 32 channels.
  • Our seasoned team consists of video specialists and experienced network professionals.

Considering that many of our clients possess older systems equipped with analog cameras, we recommend transitioning to a hybrid video recorder. This allows for the retention of existing analog cameras while facilitating a gradual transition to the latest IP cameras. This approach strikes a balance, offering a lower total cost of ownership.

Additionally, we offer IP-based camera solutions featuring network video recorders from renowned brands such as Bosch, HIK Vision, Exacqvision, and March Networks. Furthermore, we provide managed network switches and Power over Ethernet (PoE) distribution to facilitate networked camera connections for high-definition IP dome cameras.

4 to 32 Channel NVR’s


What NVR Systems should I be considering?

Network Video Recorder – Q&A

Which option reigns supreme? Analog camera systems operate by linking with conventional CCTV cameras, which are now considered outdated. The video feed travels over coaxial cables to a DVR unit, where it undergoes processing before being archived. This format necessitates sizable storage drives for video retention.

Conversely, IP camera systems represent network-centric solutions. The security camera encodes the video signal independently before transmitting it across the network to be stored on network-based NVR units. Apart from offering higher definition, files are more efficiently compressed, leading to reduced overall storage needs.

In essence, DVRs and NVRs share a common purpose of recording live video. DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, while NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. The distinction lies in their data processing methods. For instance, DVRs receive a raw video stream and internally process the data using capture cards.

On the contrary, NVR units receive compressed data that has already been encoded by an IP camera. By eliminating the need to process the video, the NVR functions as a network storage device for hosting and playback purposes.

If your surveillance setup presently incorporates older analog cameras, your forthcoming upgrade will involve transitioning to IP cameras. Simultaneously, you’ll need to update your recording platform to accommodate the new cameras.

Instead of completely discarding your existing system, opting for a Hybrid NVR enables you to retain your old cameras while integrating newer HD cameras into the system. This approach entails fewer initial expenses and results in a reduced total cost of ownership!

Hybrid Network Video Recorder

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Discover why some of the world’s largest enterprises have opted for high-performance Hybrid Network Video Recorders. Engineered for unparalleled reliability and available in models featuring 32, 16, 8, and 4 channels, a network video recorder simplifies the transition from analog to high-definition IP video on a unified recording platform.

Starting with storage capacities as low as 2TB, our systems can scale up to an impressive 3PB of storage!

By incorporating a Hybrid NVR, you can seamlessly integrate high-definition security cameras into your premises and upgrade gradually. Moreover, this approach facilitates reduced ownership costs while retaining specific analog cameras already in operation. It enables the addition of newer IP cameras without the need for significant upfront conversion expenses typically associated with a complete IP transition all at once.

Contact Union Alarm to examine our Hybrid Video Recorders.

March Networks- X-Series hybrid recording solutions

Spend more time on post-incident investigations and less time managing your surveillance system with high-performance network video recorders (NVRs) from March Networks. Designed for continuous 24/7 use, our powerful NVRs deliver unparalleled reliability and investment protection with full hybrid capabilities. Move from analog, to hybrid, to 100% IP video on the same platform.

Your video is always safe and secure thanks to the recorders’ embedded Linux operating system and features like hard-drive mirroring and battery backup for added redundancy.

Indeed, the March Networks hybrid recording solutions help to construct future-proof IP video surveillance systems for small and medium businesses. Furthermore, they allow you to shift to a full IP video surveillance system, or slowly expand one.

A Hybrid NVR may be what you need?

Perhaps you already possess several analog cameras within your business premises, but you’re contemplating a transition to IP cameras. This transition might seem daunting due to the perceived need to switch all at once, especially considering the substantial upfront expenses involved.

Fortunately, with a Hybrid NVR, you have the flexibility to seamlessly integrate your current analog cameras with new IP cameras. This allows you to upgrade gradually, enhancing the security of your establishment at your own pace.

Once you have a hybrid network video recorder installed, you can effortlessly incorporate additional IP cameras whenever you see fit. Moreover, you have the freedom to choose from various camera types, whether it’s indoor cameras, outdoor pendant mount dome cameras, or any other variety that suits your requirements.

Consider your NVR’s storage needs?

How long do you intend to preserve your security footage? Whether you require just a week’s worth of recorded footage or wish to access recordings from a month ago, it’s essential to choose a storage capacity that aligns with your needs, regardless of whether you opt for a network or digital recording system.

To accommodate varying storage needs, hard drives can be integrated into the video recorder. Typically, we include 8TB drives in our units, with the capacity to scale up to 32TB in a standard-sized NVR. For commercial enterprises requiring even more extensive storage, we offer an upgrade option to 16TB purple drives, enabling up to 64TB of onsite storage capacity.

Storage will vary by the number of IP cameras connected, and the scene activity being recorded.

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They did an excellent job at our Calgary warehouse! Working to make sure that we felt secure in our work space was their first priority and it showed in the results!

We highly recommend them to anyone in the Calgary area that is looking to get a security system set up or revamped! | Security System & Monitoring

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