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Choosing an Office Alarm System

Certainly! When selecting a business alarm system, ensuring accuracy from the outset is paramount. At Union Alarm, we excel in installing and servicing commercial security systems, encompassing a range of options including alarm monitoring services, to safeguard and oversee your business in Calgary.

  • Initially, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your site and business operations. This enables us to ascertain the required security measures essential for safeguarding your business. Additionally, it aids us in identifying the necessary options required to fortify your premises.
  • Naturally, we proceed to provide a comprehensive proposal outlining a business alarm system tailored to your needs. Whether you require a basic commercial alarm system or a fully integrated business security system with electronic door access, we offer a complete array of options.

In tandem with door contacts, motion detectors, and glass break detectors, our initial focus is on fortifying the perimeter of your building. Additionally, we have the capability to seamlessly integrate your commercial alarm system with an ICT card access control system, enabling controlled entry through electronic key cards or fobs. Subsequently, we establish connections to sirens and dialers to transmit crucial signals to our alarm monitoring station.

Incorporating a robust high-security backup device, we effectively shield your business from any potential telephone line interference. This feature also serves as a backup signal to our monitoring station, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance of your business alarms round the clock through dual-path communication.


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! It’s common for businesses to already have established Tyco, ADT, or Telus business alarm systems in operation. Rest assured, we offer servicing for all commercial alarm systems, regardless of the initial installation company. Moreover, we provide upgrades for any outdated business alarm system, regardless of its age.

Similarly, older Chubb Systems may feature platforms that are no longer supported. However, we have the expertise to service these systems and reprogram the panels for monitoring in our central station. Additionally, we offer the option to upgrade the outdated alarm panels to a modern ICT Security System.

Certainly! We have the capability to monitor any Business Alarm System. Professional monitoring is essential for commercial security systems, enabling our monitoring station to promptly notify you of all alarm conditions. Alternatively, we initiate contact with police and emergency services and dispatch a mobile response as necessary.

Moreover, having your business’s alarm system monitored can lead to a reduction in your insurance premium. At Union Alarm, our monitoring rates start as low as $24.00 per month (plus GST).

Absolutely, Union Alarm offers the capability to incorporate integrated card access features into any commercial alarm system. We excel in providing access control systems that seamlessly integrate with your business alarm system. This encompasses proximity card readers and electric door strikes, facilitating the release of electronic doors and disarming the alarm system when a card or fob is presented to the reader.

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Business Alarm System by ICT

ICT Protege by Union Alarm- Calgary

ProtegeWX is a flexible, all-in-one, web-based system. Additionally, it integrates access control, intrusion detection, and building automation into one simple unified business security solution. That being said, ICT is truly transforming the way companies manage their security!

Furthermore, ProtegeWX effectively places the office right in your pocket. It gives you the freedom to configure, control, and monitor your system from just about anywhere. Using the Protege Mobile App, you can then control your security with the swipe of a finger. Arm or disarm the system right from your phone.

As a matter of fact, today’s web-based technology will remove the complications and constraints typically associated with software. In like manner, the familiarity of a web browser and the intuitiveness of the interface make learning to control your commercial alarm system, a breeze.

Use the Protege Mobile App to monitor and control your business while on the go, all from your smartphone.

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Business Alarm Keypads from ICT:

ICT’s alarm keypad range provides a user-friendly human interface to the Protege integrated access control, security, and building automation systems. Keypads are used for a variety of functions within the Protege alarm system and are typically located near an entrance door to allow areas within the system to be armed and disarmed quickly. We have keypads designed to compliment any commercial alarm system or interior décor.

For ultimate flexibility, we also provide a mobile app for both iOS and Android to provide on-the-go control.

Implementing a Building Alarm System!

Educate Employees on Business Alarm Operations

As a business owner, you know that you’re doing your best to secure your building. But it’s also important to keep your employees in the loop—they spend just as much time at your facility.

As you add new security protocols and systems to your building, it’s important to keep your employees up to date about how they work. You may want to hold a meeting to go over the new systems. A few points you can bring up include:

  • Protocol for setting the alarm
  • Caution about sharing sensitive information with others
  • Information about what to do if they have a security concern

Install a Monitored Business Alarm System 

Small businesses may find it difficult to afford a commercial security system. But the benefits far outweigh the costs; you can deter criminal activity and monitor fire signals, both of which are paramount for protecting your building.

Invest in a monitored business alarm system, and you’ll be notified the moment a security threat or safety concern arises.

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Customer Testimonials


Union Alarm were recommended to us by a client that had used their services previously and had nothing but praise for their quick, efficient, and forward thinking approach to their security. They were not lying! Thanks to Union Alarm our warehouse has never felt safer or more secure! | Business Alarm System w/ ULC Monitoring

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