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Choosing network cameras or an IP dome camera to safeguard your Calgary business premises demands thoughtful deliberation to ensure an informed choice. With technologies constantly evolving, IP surveillance cameras undergo rapid transformations. At Union Alarm, we actively stay updated on these industry advancements, attending security conferences to remain informed about the latest developments in security camera technologies. This empowers us to support you in making sound decisions when selecting an IP camera for your office environment, an outdoor camera to protect your building entrances, or a PTZ camera to zoom in on the gates leading to your yard. This is why;

  • We are familiar with all of the unique features, hold factory certifications, and comprehend the intricacies of your day-to-day business operations.
  • Leveraging our expertise in video surveillance, this knowledge enhances our capability to suggest the most suitable security camera for your particular requirements.
  • We specialize in installing both indoor and outdoor IP cameras, and we possess expertise in identifying the specific hardware required for setting up IP surveillance systems.

In the present day, there is a diverse array of network cameras available to safeguard and fortify your building. Among the most prevalent options are the 3″ indoor IP camera and the 4″ outdoor IP camera. These compact network cameras feature high-definition imaging, low-light IR illumination, and each boasts a wide dynamic range suitable for use in environments with high contrast lighting.

Moreover, contemporary network cameras deliver sharp IP surveillance images and offer clear recording capabilities in nearly any lighting scenario. Alongside IP dome cameras, our inventory includes IP bullet cameras, network PTZ cameras, and IP mini domes equipped with motorized zoom lens control. Among our top-tier brands are Bosch network surveillance cameras, HIKVision IP Cameras, and further IP surveillance offerings from companies like Speco, Dahua and Axis.

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Network Cameras – IP Surveillance


Selecting the best Outdoor Dome Cameras

Outdoor IP Cameras – Q&A

Certainly, our high-quality cameras come with vandal-resistant ratings! In numerous instances, outdoor IP cameras boast an IK10 vandal-proof rating. IK ratings pertain to impact resistance, where a higher number signifies better protection against impact – it’s that straightforward!

With an IK10 rating, a camera is shielded against impacts of up to 20 joules, ensuring exceptional safety and vandal resistance, offering you peace of mind. Such a rating typically withstands sledgehammer attacks!

Absolutely! However, ratings can differ. When considering the waterproof capabilities of an outdoor IP camera, various factors come into play. For enclosures, the usual “waterproof” ratings include IP65, IP66, and IP67. The higher the rating, the more effective the dome enclosure is at safeguarding the camera from moisture.

In fact, numerous cameras with higher IP67 ratings are hermetically sealed and can withstand water penetration from direct spray or submersion. This is crucial because moisture within an IP dome camera can cause significant issues!

Video Compression: H.265 compression offers advancements over H.264 in multiple aspects. The primary distinction lies in H.265’s capability to achieve even smaller file sizes, consequently reducing bandwidth requirements and enhancing storage efficiency.

Due to its superior data compression, H.265 can reduce your bandwidth and storage needs by approximately 50%. This becomes crucial when determining hard drive storage specifications. Presently, the latest network cameras are transitioning to H.265+ compression.

Bosch IP Network Cameras – Calgary

Built-In Video Analytics

In today’s dynamic environment, there isn’t a universal video surveillance solution that fits all scenarios. Various situations necessitate different types of network cameras and functionalities. Systems tailored for banks, commercial enterprises, and industrial installations require specific camera types and specialized features.

Offering a variety of form factors such as fixed IP dome cameras, IP bullet cameras, and low-light solutions like Bosch’s starlight technology, this range provides a comprehensive portfolio catering to diverse requirements.

From retail to industrial applications, a strategic combination of these cameras offers solutions for indoor or outdoor settings, day or night surveillance needs, and discreet or conspicuous monitoring.

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Bosch IP 4000i, 5000i, 6000i, and 8000(i) IP Network Cameras

HIKVISION – IP Surveillance Systems:

Hikvision introduces a new series of network cameras showcasing its latest compression innovation: H.265+. This cutting-edge compression method captures surveillance footage at a reduced bitrate, effectively lowering bandwidth demands and storage expenses.

Hikvision’s H.265+ represents an optimized encoding technology built upon the standard H.265 compression, pushing the boundaries of ultra-HD video surveillance applications. The new camera lineup comprises models with resolutions of 2, 3, 5, and 8 megapixels. Additionally, these new IP cameras feature enhanced IR technology, advanced low-light capabilities, 120 dB WDR, Smart analytics, and IP67 protection.

Hikvision continues to advance industry technology with the Art of Video Surveillance.

IP Dome Camera – HIKVISION Canada


What would happen if someone broke into your business?

It’s not a pleasant thought. But when you own a commercial building, it’s something you need to think about.

Without the right protection, your business is vulnerable to theft, vandalism, break-in, and loss or operation. Incidents like these could cost you thousands—not to mention, endanger the safety of your staff and customers.

You need a network camera system that’s fully equipped to protect your building. One built with the features you need to cover any vulnerabilities.

An investment in commercial security cameras pays for itself; think of the money you’ll save not recovering from a break-in or increased insurance premiums.

But if you’ve never shopped for one before, you might not know where to start.

Planning to set up security cameras in Calgary or Edmonton? Here’s what you should look for:

What to look for when considering Network Cameras?

Coverage & scene detection

When securing an exterior yard or warehouse, consider the coverage and be sure to look at overlapping camera views. It is critical to understand the focal depth and angles of coverage needed for each facility, and that’s where our experts can help you with camera positioning, scene detection, and coverage.

Low light features

Night vision is an essential feature in dark areas. After all, your cameras won’t be of much use if you can’t identify the person in the footage. In a dark parking lot, you need commercial-grade security cameras with day/night vision. IR illuminators then emit infra-red light to allow for enhanced scene detection in low light conditions. CCTV cameras with Dark Sense Technology can see images in near to zero light conditions. These cameras are impressive.

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