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Key Fobs – Key Cards – Calgary

Choosing the right Key Fobs – Key Cards

The majority of people nowadays rely on various forms of key fobs – key cards for daily entry into secure workplace areas. When it comes to understanding these systems, Union Alarm stands out from the crowd. In fact, we specialize in;

  • The supply of key fobs – key cards, and HID proximity cards for use in Calgary buildings.
  • Various formats of access control cards including 36-bit cards, 40-bit key fobs, and high encryption credentials.
  • Keeping stock of most brands of electronic access control cards & proximity key fobs for immediate deployment!

Likewise, our existing stock comprises access cards and fobs sourced from ICT, Kantech ioProx, Keyscan, HID Prox Cards, and Bluetooth® mobile credentials. Modern mobile credentials enable employees to utilize their smartphones for accessing secure doors and elevators across facilities.

This offers both convenience and heightened security within your premises. With that in mind, our role is to simplify the decision-making process for you and provide the appropriate formats to integrate seamlessly into your system. To receive a quote for acquiring new key fobs – key cards for your building, reach out to us today.


History of Key Fobs – Key Cards

Secure Credentials & Fun Facts

In the past, manufacturers created magnetic stripe cards for use in card-based access control systems. These cards necessitated a swipe through a magnetic card reader to unlock a door.

However, this technology had several drawbacks, such as inconvenience, rapid wear, and minimal security. These shortcomings prompted the advancement of contactless proximity technology, enabling cards to be read without direct physical contact with the reader.

What occurs during that brief moment when you swipe your credentials at the reader? Initially, proximity readers function by emitting a short-range RF field continuously. When a proximity card enters this field’s range, an embedded chip within the access card activates.

Subsequently, the chip sends a bit code back to the reader. Finally, upon validation of the card or key fob, the system activates power to energize an electrified lock. This enables the door to unlock, while the system simultaneously records electronic details with a timestamp in the audit trail.

In recent years, card technologies and formats have evolved. For example, access cards used to rely on simple 26-bit structures where cards were easily duplicated. With today’s encrypted cards and RFID technologies, the days of open architecture are all but gone.

We now have secure formats using encrypted signatures that cannot be duplicated. Cards and key fobs now use a host of technologies including Mifare contactless smartcards and Bluetooth® mobile credentials.

HID Proximity Card Technology

Proximity Cards & Credentials

The ProxCard II proximity access control card is the industry choice for a cost-effective solution to proximity access control. In fact, it has universal compatibility with all HID proximity card readers. Furthermore, the ProxCard II access control card provides durable packaging and consistent read range.

Meanwhile, the ProxKey III is a proximity card keyfob for access control offering HID proximity technology in a pocket-sized device. The proximity card keyfob easily attaches to a key ring, badge clip or lanyard. Built to withstand harsh operating environments, the ProxKey III withstands more use than most proximity cards.

Proximity Key Fobs – Key Cards from ICT:

ICT manufactures a range of key fobs – key cards and tags for the 125kHz and MIFARE/DESFire range of products. This includes multiple technology cards (with low and high-frequency technology in one card). When it comes to the end-user, there is little visible difference between a 125kHz card and a 13.56MHz card.

In fact, there is very little difference when presenting a card at the reader. Consequently, it will either open the door or deny entry. What happens behind the scenes is quite different, however. Apart from the frequency used to transmit the data, there are numerous differences in card structure, security and the cards read range.

To learn more about key fobs – key cards and credentials, contact Union Alarm in Calgary.

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Union Alarm has been our security provider for many years. They installed our access & security system and they supply us with additional key fobs – key cards whenever the need arises. Their team is professional,helpful and importantly, always available when needed. I highly recommend them. | Card Access, Intrusion & Monitoring

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