Security Camera Installation – Edmonton

The Installation Process

To install your security cameras, you’re looking for a professional installation company you can trust. At Union Alarm, our team of technicians are M-V licensed and further hold “C” Contractor licenses for low voltage electrical work. This ensures we will always get the job done right.

In addition, we have 30+ years of experience installing surveillance cameras and surveillance systems. Not sure what kind of system you need? We’ll help you pick the cameras and install your network video recorder.

  • We carry the best selection of surveillance hardware from reputable brands. In our inventory, we offer a full line of digital video recorders and network security cameras.
  • Need to install professional server racks for mounting and securing an NVR unit? We’ve got you covered. Need professional data and cable runs, we got it.
  • If you have existing security cameras, we can also service those and upgrade your outdoor camera mounts if need be?

We install the correct mounts and fasteners using protective sealants and backing plates to secure your new cameras.

If you want to perform your own security camera installation, we sell over-the-counter kits from HIK Vision. Give us a call whenever you need some commercial advice!

Surveillance System Installations


Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Concerns – Q&A

Yes! If you have an older camera system that has exterior enclosures, we can service your system regardless of the brand or company that installed it. We offer our services for recording devices and DVRs (even if you don’t have the passwords). If you have analog security cameras in your business, we can service and upgrade your hardware as needed.

Yes! We recommend cleaning your security camera system often; this will ensure high-quality surveillance, even in low or harsh lighting conditions. Try to clean and remove moisture from the housings of the system at least once a year.

At Union Alarm, we never take shortcuts. With every installation, we use professional sealants, waterproof connectors, and drip loops. Your outdoor camera should be hermetically sealed, making it highly resistant to moisture.

Even in difficult weather conditions (such as strong winds and rain), you won’t need to worry about moisture damaging the inside of your camera. That’s the kind of service you can expect from a professional security camera installation company.

Commercial Security Cameras

Installing Commercial Camera Systems

We always come prepared. With each installation, we practice full safety measures; our equipment includes fall arrest hardware and safety harnesses. When the job calls for it, we access high elevations using scissor lifts and boom lifts. We also know how to work around commercial buildings and industrial sites.

Expect first-class service whenever you work with Union Alarm. With our experience, we know precisely how to position and mount your security cameras.

Our technicians use professional cabling techniques to install exterior cameras. Our job isn’t done until each exterior camera mount is securely fastened. Using liquid tight connectors and waterproof backboxes, we prevent any water from leaking into the building, or the device.

Professional installation with full safety measures taken on every Jobsite!

Trust in a camera system from the professionals at Union Alarm in Edmonton!

Network Video Recorder – Installation:

Before we get started, we will perform a full site survey and provide you with a quote on the labour costs and products needed.

Did you know? We also install NVR units, service racks, and network switches in Edmonton. Make sure the equipment you depend on is safe from tampering and securely stored. We can set up a free-standing server rack or wall mounted cabinet.

Our camera installers also set up range extenders for large-sized systems with long-distance cabling. Call us whenever you need network cabling or POE switches hooked up. If you have further questions, we can arrange a free consultation.

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Looking for a professional installer for your commercial surveillance systems? Our security camera solutions are top-notch. When you need access control, IP camera, or CCTV installation, we can help there too. Get a quote for your professional installation today!

Customer Testimonials


We have used Union Alarm since 2013 when they installed a system into our office space. They have monitored our system and been there for support since that time. Peter is extremely responsive, coming short notice for urgent assistance when needed and gives very thorough and easy to understand training. We have been very, very happy with this company. | Integrated Security System

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